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+ I finally got my hair trimmed today! Unfortunately, it's not as short as I wanted. I'm so bad at telling hair lengths when my hair is wet. I may well try to find a time to go back and have the stylist shorten it a bit, but her hours are basically only weekday mornings, so I'd have to have Mom watch Elijah again. At least it's much better than it was before I went in.

+ After my haircut we went to Target where I got another of these hampers. I got one a few months ago and love it as much as a person could love a laundry hamper. It holds about two loads' worth, takes up very little floor space, is easy to carry, it's sturdy and strong, and you can fold it away if you're not using it. Taking up less floor space will be very useful for Elijah's tiny closet. Anyway, I love it so much I convinced my mom to buy one and then finally went on the Target website and wrote a rave review. Also - Target has a lot of really cute boots in stores. I need to go back and try some on. The one pair of boots I own that actually fit my nonexistent calves is from Target.

+ On the way home we went to Dunkin' Donuts for lunch. Hehe. Elijah had his first donut - can you believe it's taken this long with me as his mother? - and he loved it. It was chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkles, and he ate the chocolate part first by putting his nose in the hole. He had rainbow sprinkles all over his face because of it. LOL!

+ Isaac's 30th birthday is on October 2nd and I really want to do something fun for it, but he's too busy to really think about it. I suggested an '80s costume party, since you can buy '80s stuff at thrift stores AND regular stores right now, but he was meh on the idea. Too bad, 'cause I think he and I could be a cute Maverick & Charlie from Top Gun.  ;o)  Any other suggestions for ways to celebrate?

+ Speaking of costumes, Isaac and I separately came up with the idea of dressing like the A-Team for Halloween. We had repeatedly joked about dressing 'Lijah up as Mr. T, and somehow that spurred us both into thinking of doing a whole A-Team thing. He would be Hannibal because he's old (my reasoning) and definitely has a mastermind thing going on (his reasoning). I would be Face because, well, my love for Face has gone on since I was a kid. When my brothers and I played A-Team, I was always Face. And we think Seth would be a great Murdock. So we'll see. I'm sure dressing E. as B.A. would stir the pot less than my other costume idea: dressing him like George W. Bush. *evil grin*

+ In other amusing bad parenting news, someone at church gave Elijah a stuffed camel and I promptly named it Joe. It amuses us greatly even though we're totally anti-smoking. And 'Lijah is scared to death of my slingshot monkey. I may just use it the next time he throws a doozy of a tantrum...  ;o)
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1. What did you do in 2009 that you'd never done before?
Got paid to model (including a spread in a magazine!), went to Europe, took a backpacking trip, rode on a real train, had to put a dog to sleep, started the process of adopting a child, went a year without seeing one of my brothers...  =o(

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
Not really, and no. I know C25K is some people's resolution, but we started that on November 30th!

3. Did anyone close to you have kids?

My friends Forrest & Shannon adopted twins.  =o)

4. Did anyone close to you get married?
Not that I can think of at the moment.

5. Did anyone close to you die?
Mandy.  =o(

6. Did you travel?
To North Carolina, Tennessee, England, France, Italy, Greece, El Salvador, Georgia, and Connecticut.

7. Did you move anywhere?
Nope! Which is a very good thing since I love it here.

8. What was the best month?
No contest - May! In May we went to four European countries, including Italy, which had been at the top of my Travel Wish List for years. Plus, my birthday is in May.  =o)

9. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
A closer relationship with God, and a kid or kids!  =oD  And no house problems for once. That would be nice.

10. What date(s) from 2009 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
January 15 - My first paid modeling gig! May 12-June 3 - our Europe trip! July 2 - when we applied to our adoption agency! September 24 - When we said goodbye to Mandy.

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+ Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I've only wrapped two presents so far. I keep meaning to, and then other things come up - like today, when Mom called me and asked if I wanted to go to SnS for lunch. How could I say no?

+ I've been a crocheting fool lately. My first attempt at making the hat I mentioned somehow went haywire and I ended up with a slightly concave doily. LOL. So I tried an easier one and it turned out pretty darn cute. It's a little small, but it will work for my purposes. I may make another just because I am empowered by my success. Today I began working on a lacey scarf, which will be gorgeous when finished. It'll take me a while though - it's quite intricate.

+ Thank you to all who've sent Christmas cards. I've put them up on the part-wall between our living and dining rooms. I fully intended to send some of my own this year, but I didn't even get any out to relatives. I really do like sending Christmas cards, but oh well. Maybe next year. So yeah, if you were waiting for one from me, don't worry - it's not you, it's me. Hehe.

+ I went to CVS at midnight Sunday morning to get all the free stuff before it was taken. (Then yesterday I learned they offered rain checks for all of them. Heh.) That should've been quick and painless (and it was kinda fun CVSing in the wee hours of the morning; if only Angela was here to go with me!), but I was not the only person with that idea, and the cash registers were acting up. At least everyone was in a good mood. I got so many goodies. I gave some of my loot to my family Sunday night - that was cool. And I managed to get two bottles of laundry detergent, which weren't even on sale, for $1.50. Nice.

+ I keep forgetting to tell y'all my thoughts on the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. The shower certainly isn't sparkling (and we've been using it for about a month now), but it is definitely cleaner. I like knowing that it's cleaned and disinfected every day. I would say don't pay the asking price, but if you can get a good deal like I did, go for it. It's worth it to have to scrub the shower far less often.

+ I think we're going to spend the night at Mom & Dad's tomorrow night. We'll watch movies, eat some caramel corn and Doritos, and sleep in the living room. After breakfast we're going to go to the beach (it's going to be 80º and sunny!) and then probably go see Bedtime Stories. Then Dad will get home (he's working in the afternoon), we'll open presents, and eat dinner. Sounds like a great Christmas to me.  =o)

+ I think my dishwasher has officially died. It's been acting screwy lately, and after the last wash, which I had to cajole it into doing, none of the dishes were clean. Well, I suppose 2 1/2 years for a countertop dishwasher isn't too bad of a lifespan. I wish we had the money to redo our kitchen and just put in a real one.

+ I hate doing laundry. I usually put it off till we have a humongous pile. Today was just a medium pile, but I got it done. Bleh. I don't know why tags on cashmere sweaters say to dry clean only. I've washed all of mine in cold water on a gentle cycle, and they come out clean and even softer than when they went in. I hit a thrift store on Saturday and found my 2nd thrifted cashmere sweater ever. It's a lavender one from Ann Taylor, and it is so gorgeous and soft. It's one of my favorite sweaters now - not bad for $4. I also found a totally cute casual dress from Banana Republic for $2. I may wear it on Christmas, just because I can.  =o)  I went to the Ann Taylor and Banana Republic sites to find out the average price for those things, and basically I got them at at least 98% off original retail. Rock on!

+ Does it annoy you guys when I write about my thrifted finds, or do you just skim right through? I just realized the other day that it may come across as bragging, but that's not at all how I mean it. I'm usually just thrilled that I found such great stuff, so I want to tell you about it. Still, I could stop it if it bugs you.

+ Well, I'm gonna go keep crocheting and watching Supernatural season 2 with Seth and Isaac, and then it is off to bed sooner rather than later. I've had a sinus headache all day, and sleep is the only way to put an end to it. In case I don't get on here again in the next few days, I pray you all have a fantastic Christmas, celebrating the birth of the Savior!
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+ Today was a long day. I'm glad it's nearly over, and until it is, I'm chillin' on the couch with Isaac and Seth, watching Supernatural season 2, which none of us have seen since it originally aired. Tomorrow should be much better, because it begins with breakfast at IHOP with mi familia, before AAAC head out for 2 weeks in CT (the losers).

+ Speaking of the couch, Isaac and I have changed its name from "The World's Comfiest Couch" to "The Couch of Forgetfulness", because when you sit on it you forget everything you needed to do.

+ I need to get a cute, warm hat for NC. I really want to crochet one, but it's been a while since I crocheted anything, and I've never crocheted in the round. Anyone have tips on how to do that? I've also never used a crochet pattern (I always just winged it making scarves and potholders), so I'm rather intimidated. I found a ton of patterns I like though, and this one is the one I want to start with. I have a nice, soft white yarn to make it with.

+ It has become clear to me that I am an absolute church snob. I am so completely in love with my church that whenever I visit another, I find myself thanking God repeatedly for mine... and criticizing the one I visited. I know that my church isn't perfect, but man, when I'm not there I miss everything from the lack of typos in the bulletin (the main reason I can't quit as secretary - I am the typo and text box defeater!) and PowerPoint (as well as the not-cheesiness of the layout/background) to the on-key, on-rhythm music, and especially Ken's preaching. Out of the 100+ preachers I have heard in my lifetime, I would put him in my top 3. I know preaching preferences are totally subjective, but for me, he's it. I'm so glad we found that church!

+ What is your criteria for buying Christmas gifts for friends? A friend of mine was asking the other day. I always buy gifts for my family, and those are the only people who definitely get anything from me. Apart from that, I usually just get things for people if I see something that I really think they'd like. For example, I sent Charity a gift because when I saw it, it screamed her name. (Actually, it screamed mine first, but it didn't fit me. Hehe.) I hate when people feel like they have to get me something because I got them something. I mean, yes, I adore getting gifts, but not for guilt reasons. So I guess that's my gift philosophy.

+ We ate Wendy's for dinner tonight and it just decimated my stomach. I will remember that next time I get a craving for their chili.

+ Last night I couldn't fall asleep until 2:45am. That's the first time that's happened in a while now, and I forgot how utterly boring it is. Then I woke up at 9:30. Still, despite that I wasn't tired today, and I haven't had any caffeine. Weird.

+ I put some of my Christmas money to good use today to take advantage of NY&CO's storewide (online) half-price sale combined with some coupon codes. I got one of these in gray, one in white, this in green, this, this in purple, and these in black, all for about $60 shipped. I needed some more PJ pants, and I have an obsession with cable knit sweaters, so I'm excited.

+ I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Apart from breakfast, I have absolutely nothing planned. I'd like to go for a long walk or bike ride, clean up the house a bit, and get Isaac a CVS card. That will be a good day.
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+ It's 80º today! Yes, this is why I daydreamed about living in Florida when I lived in Illinois. Heaven... I'm in heaven, and my heart beats so I can hardly speak. =o)

+ Life has been crazy. I got back from Charleston Saturday afternoon, spent 15 minutes at home, went to work to finish the bulletin, swung by the house (and didn't even turn the car off) to pick Isaac up to go to 20s/30s Fellowship Group at AAAC's, stayed there till 11, then hit Walmart for something I had to get that night, and then finally got home around 11:30. Whew! Sunday morning was insanity. I only made it into Sunday School for the last 10 minutes, because I had to help the kids' Sunday School practice the song they're singing in church for Christmas, and then was asked to get the November financials done ASAP for a deacon meeting Monday night to determine if we get Christmas bonuses this year (I still haven't heard what the consensus is), and then had a few other things come up too. Once SS was over, I had to enter a song into the PowerPoint that was added last minute, and it was really confusing and I couldn't type for some reason so there were typos even after I proofread it. *headdesk* Then we had plans to go out with our dinner group, which was actually relaxing, but still took up time. Olympians that night was crazy, too. I swear all the kids were on speed. They were insane and louder than ever for no apparent reason. I would say they lost at least 10 minutes of game time simply because they would not listen. We were also down two leaders because after doing the lesson my dad was tossing a football with one of the teens who helps out and badly dislocated his pinky finger! So Ange had to drive Dad to the ER so they could put it back in place. (Apparently it would not budge, either. Ange said she had to leave the room because it was so gross how they had to keep pulling. *shudder*) And did I mention that Mom was not there because she was still driving back from Charleston? (Grams and I left a day earlier.) I have decided Mom is no longer allowed to miss Olympians, because last time she did a kid threw up and this time Dad got hurt and the kids were crazed. Anyway, Dad is okay but he has two fingers splinted together and his hand is bandaged so he can't really move his wrist much. Yeah. Sunday was not a good day, except that Ken's final 2 Corinthians sermon was very good.

+ So. Charleston. )

+ My Charleston pictures are here. A lot of what I talked about is pictured there.  =o)

+ What else? Oh - I have the best husband ever! While I was gone, he changed my car's oil, changed its tag light (something we had been meaning to do since September...), and cleaned the garage! Dude. I was not expecting any of that, but I am very grateful! Also, he is sexy. *nods*

+ Most of my Ebay purchases sold! I actually ended up selling the boots to [ profile] t_jay  - how great is that? I still have some shoes left though (the black ones and white ones), so if any of you wear a size 10 and want some shoes for cheap, let me know. Also, if you want to try a Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor, I have that brand new in Blushed Mauve. It retails for $9.99, but I'd sell it for $4 shipped. Better deal than you'll get anywhere else!

+ I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I just have Aaron, Dad, and my niece and nephews left - that's if I even bother to get Aaron and Dad anything. They are extremely difficult to buy for and probably couldn't care less if they get anything.

+ I have a surprise for you guys for my anniversary, but you'll have to wait till then to find out what it is. Well, except two of you, who will know in a few days. Don't give it away!

+ My MIL and SIL Hope are arriving tomorrow. They're going to hang out here for a few days and then we're heading down to see BIL Jesse in the WOL GP show Isaac and I used to work for, and bring him back to Jax for them to fly out Monday. I was going to skip WOL to go to the Jags vs. Packers game this Sunday, but the tickets fell through.  =o(  Oh well - I want to see Jesse in SSC too. He's playing Joseph - as in Mary and!

+ Time to figure out some lunch. Kudos to anyone who read all of this.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008 12:27
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+ SCORE! I just won 10 Swagbucks as Isaac (I registered him on my office computer), which means he gets them and so do I! This is the first time I've won any of the MegaBucks. This puts me up to 83, and Isaac up to 19! (Yeah, I don't use this computer nearly as much as mine at home. Hehe.) I decided to save mine for a while, and they're piling up fast! Maybe I'll use mine to save up, and use Isaac's for the instant gratification things like Amazon or Starbuck's cards.

+ I'm at church on Wednesday because I leave for Charleston tomorrow morning. There's a ton of extra work for me to do this week too, which is annoying since I won't be here Thursday or Friday. Grams and I will leave Charleston after lunch on Saturday and drive back to be home by dinner, hopefully, which I will scarf down and then come to church to do the bulletin. Oy.

+ The roofers came today to drop off the shingles and dumpster for redoing our roof. I'm glad they will be doing it while I'm gone, so I don't have to hear the constant pounding. We chose a company over a month ago but they rarely contacted us, and when they did, it was only to say, "We'll do it next week." and then they never did. So we canceled with them and got another one that gave us an estimate. These guys are doing it just 4 days after we chose them. It will be really nice to have a new roof. We were on the trampoline Monday and I noticed even more spots where shingles are coming up. I don't look forward to paying the $5,000+ though. *sad*

+ Wow, I have so much to do today, and I just remembered I have to go to Orange Park too. I better end this already.

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Monday, 27 October 2008 10:51
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+ Hehe. LJ's "Undead Journal" header made me giggle.

+ Our heater is on for the first time since March or April. Last night's low was 40-something. I shiver to think how cold it would've been in here if I had forgotten - which I almost did - to turn it on. Tomorrow the high is 60º, and while I distinctly remember putting on shorts anytime the temperature hit 60º when I was a kid/teen in WI/IL, now I will put on a sweater and possibly also a jacket. 60º is a lot warmer in Wisconsin than it is in Florida. I wonder if I can get away with wearing a scarf? Me gusto scarves.

+ I've decided it's a lot more fun to clean with a husband than on my own. Saturday Isaac and I pretty much cleaned the house top to bottom, and it took less than two hours. And this was with stopping to goofy-dance several times to the music we were blasting. Actually, we had to agree to stop dancing and kissing anytime we walked by each other, because we knew we'd never finish the cleaning in time if we didn't. 'Tis a good life.

+ Fellowship group was fun! This is the first time we've hosted. Only two other couples came, since AAAC were out of town and some others were sick, but they are two of our favorite couples (despite political differences, LOL). We made taco salad or burritos, and I don't know why, but that was the best taco salad I have ever had. It was amazing. Isaac gave a cool little devo while I got the chocolate fountain ready. Then we gorged on chocolate-dipped pretzels and fruit while playing Pictaphone, which they seemed to quite enjoy.

+ Yesterday on the way home from lunch, we pulled up next to a car at a traffic light. We had the windows down, so we heard the little old lady driving it keep trying to start it, but it wouldn't turn over. Realizing that she was alone, we knew she'd never be able to get it out of the road by herself, so we turned around and parked at a nearby gas station, and then pushed her car to a nearby parking lot. (Pushing it the opposite way traffic was going in that lane was quite interesting.) We quickly realized we couldn't fix whatever it was, but thankfully she had AAA. Poor thing was stuck waiting at the gas station for over an hour though. Anyway, that was our Sunday afternoon adventure. Hehe.

+ Last night at Olympians all our "older" leaders were gone, so it was just Isaac, Angela, our friend Sarah, and me. The lesson was mostly a skit, but I did the opening and closing bits too. That was the first time I ever did an Olympian lesson! It went well though, I thought. Well, until one little boy who's only been there twice threw up in one of the Sunday School rooms. Oy. Next week is our famous Olympian Fun Fall Festival. I'm excited about that. Oh! Last week my mom put it (O.F.F.F.) up on the board as a reminder, then asked the kids what other words beginning with F we could add to it. We came up with fabulous, fantastic, etc. Well, last night I wrote just O.F.F.F. on there because I couldn't remember how many other Fs we had added last week. One little boy said, "What about the other f-words?" I succeeded at not cracking up, but I looked at Isaac and we smirked at each other.

+ I have been really wanting to go to The Thrift Store lately. Should I go? No. Do I want to go? YES. I haven't been there since Isaac's family was here, way back at the beginning of September. It seems I go there about every 2 or 3 months. I don't want to go alone though. Anyone want to join me? ;o)
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+ Happy birthday to Isaac! He is now only 12 years away from 40. Hehe. And he is the best husband ever!

+ I feel like I live at Home Depot and Walmart. I've been to each of them at least 4 times this week.

+ I'm trying to laugh at the fact that the first night this week that I finally got enough sleep preceded the one day I really could've used an extra few hours of awake time.

+ Ghirardelli chocolate chips being the same price as Walmart brand makes me very happy.

+ Apparently I've been lusting after cashmere sweaters all these years, when I could've just bought them; there are tons of them for great prices on Ebay! Oh, this is a bad, bad discovery for my budget.

+ 30% cash back on Ebay Buy It Now purchases is love.

+ Can any of you convince me that the quality of photos taken by a DSLR is worth it despite its heft when compared to a good digicam that has all manual options but an attached lens? I love the quality of DSLRs, but I also like having a camera that fits in my purse and doesn't weigh 3 lbs because of the lenses. So, yeah - convince me.

+ Hanging pictures is a lot easier than I thought it was. Therefore, I hate myself for waiting 3 years to do so.

+ I have an unhealthy obsession with soft blankets. And Cherry Coke.

+ 18 people have RSVPed for the party tonight. That is workable, assuming they don't all stay for the debate and want to sit in the living room. (Our dining room is basically just an extension of our living room though, so it'll be fine.)

+ I don't actually believe that it's October. Everyone is lying to me.
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+ I have a confession: today I listened to country music. A whole CD's worth, save for the few I skipped because they featured twangy guitar. I have never done that before. Seeing Phil Stacey at the McCain rally inspired me to listen to some of his stuff, and you can listen to his entire debut CD on his website. So, I did. And it's quite good. Like a country-tinged Chris Rice. I'm especially digging "'Round Here". Will I buy it? I sort of want to, but I'm not sure if I can, in good conscience, spend money on country music. Even Christian pop/country. But we'll see. Maybe if I listen to it a bit more, it'll wear down my prejudices.

+ Hard cider is the bomb. We finally found some at a local grocery store, and it's now one of my favorite drinks, alcoholic or otherwise. *takes another sip*

+ I downloaded some Bon Jovi songs today. Until now, my Bon Jovi collection was seriously lacking. (Yes, I said that with a completely straight face.) Although, I still maintain that Stellar Kart's version of "Livin' on a Prayer" is better than the original. But now I have both.

+ I did my hair up with with hair sticks today. I found out that the reason my hair stick updos never really lasted is that I always forgot to do an important step. Now that I know to do it, my hair stick updo is solid. Woo-hoo!

+ I'm singing with the worship team this week! It's been at least a few months since I did it last. We're singing "Your Love is Extravagant", by Casting Crowns. We went through it a few times, and I tried to adapt to the not-exactly-like-CC way the music leader was singing it, which was hard, since I'm used to CC's version. When we finished he said, "Vocals sound really good on that. In fact, Bethany, I was actually trying to follow you because I think you know the song better than I do." So I was trying to follow him and he was trying to follow me. Yay communication.

+ Well. I just broke the sink in our main bathroom. Go me. Hopefully we can fix it tomorrow, or some other time that's not 10:40pm with the next day being a work day. I don't know if we'll be able to fix it or not though, since it's falling off the wall. Heh. Perhaps we will view this as an opportunity to replace it with something a lot more attractive.
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I have come to the conclusion (either recently or a while ago) that...

+ If you have one pair of jeans that fit you well, you are set. Especially if they are dark jeans.
+ Every day should be free iced coffee day.
+ I love when people say thrift stores and used clothing are gross, because it just means more for me.
+ I can't believe Mandy is definitely 12 now (we don't know when she was actually born, but it was probably between April 15th & May 15th) and I'll be 25 in a week and a day.
+ I will be flying somewhere every month from April-July. And Mom has been talking about taking us to Michigan in August, so maybe it is from April-August.
+ All white chocolate macadamia nut cookies should be stinking huge and dipped in white chocolate, like the one I had after lunch today.
+ I am sooooo much like my mom. (But Isaac will tell you he's known this for years now.)
+ Anyone who knows what "melon farmer" means, without my having to tell them, is totally cool.
+ Marriage is FUN. But probably only if both the husband and wife are dorks.
+ I am a dork.
+ So is Isaac.
+ Fuzzy navels are almost as good as margaritas.
+ Scrubs is one of the funniest shows ever on television. (But it's not always kosher...)
+ I am not a very good homemaker.
+ Sometimes I come across as very harsh and know-it-allish. I never mean it that way, but it seems to happen quite often. I'm sorry!
+ Having new young couples at church is awesome. I can even forgive them for having a kid. (Especially since the kid is only six months old, and totally adorable.)
+ Amanda totally should've won Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites over Parvati.
+ You all live too far away.
+ All teenagers have at least a few moments of utter stupidity. Except my friend Cindy, who has always rocked.
+ If you hardly knew someone six years ago and you haven't spoken to them since, you should not add them on Facebook now.
+ I eat way too much pizza.
+ Boys can be very silly.
+ One of these days it might be fun to out every hypocrite I know. I hate blatant hypocrisy, and dishonesty. (And no, I'm not saying I never sin, but you know what I mean.)
+ Netflix should put more DVDs online so we (read: I) don't have to wait so long (2 days) to get another.
+ It's been too long since I've ridden a rollercoaster.
+ I don't read nearly enough these days.
+ One of these days I'm just going to go out and buy everything we need to nearly finish decorating. It's been 3 years in this house as of July, people!
+ Rich people literally do not understand being thrifty.
+ I need to get better about calling people.
+ Isaac is the most amazing husband ever.
+ It's been far too long since we had a good thunderstorm.
+ Friends who are willing to drive 4 hours to see you are amazing.
+ My long hair itches my back.
+ I need donuts.
+ E.T.A.: Dunkin Donuts hazelnut syrup for their iced coffee tastes like popcorn. Not sure I'll make that mistake again. (Yes, I'm on my 2nd free iced coffee of the day, but at least this one's decaf!)


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