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+ I finally got my hair trimmed today! Unfortunately, it's not as short as I wanted. I'm so bad at telling hair lengths when my hair is wet. I may well try to find a time to go back and have the stylist shorten it a bit, but her hours are basically only weekday mornings, so I'd have to have Mom watch Elijah again. At least it's much better than it was before I went in.

+ After my haircut we went to Target where I got another of these hampers. I got one a few months ago and love it as much as a person could love a laundry hamper. It holds about two loads' worth, takes up very little floor space, is easy to carry, it's sturdy and strong, and you can fold it away if you're not using it. Taking up less floor space will be very useful for Elijah's tiny closet. Anyway, I love it so much I convinced my mom to buy one and then finally went on the Target website and wrote a rave review. Also - Target has a lot of really cute boots in stores. I need to go back and try some on. The one pair of boots I own that actually fit my nonexistent calves is from Target.

+ On the way home we went to Dunkin' Donuts for lunch. Hehe. Elijah had his first donut - can you believe it's taken this long with me as his mother? - and he loved it. It was chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkles, and he ate the chocolate part first by putting his nose in the hole. He had rainbow sprinkles all over his face because of it. LOL!

+ Isaac's 30th birthday is on October 2nd and I really want to do something fun for it, but he's too busy to really think about it. I suggested an '80s costume party, since you can buy '80s stuff at thrift stores AND regular stores right now, but he was meh on the idea. Too bad, 'cause I think he and I could be a cute Maverick & Charlie from Top Gun.  ;o)  Any other suggestions for ways to celebrate?

+ Speaking of costumes, Isaac and I separately came up with the idea of dressing like the A-Team for Halloween. We had repeatedly joked about dressing 'Lijah up as Mr. T, and somehow that spurred us both into thinking of doing a whole A-Team thing. He would be Hannibal because he's old (my reasoning) and definitely has a mastermind thing going on (his reasoning). I would be Face because, well, my love for Face has gone on since I was a kid. When my brothers and I played A-Team, I was always Face. And we think Seth would be a great Murdock. So we'll see. I'm sure dressing E. as B.A. would stir the pot less than my other costume idea: dressing him like George W. Bush. *evil grin*

+ In other amusing bad parenting news, someone at church gave Elijah a stuffed camel and I promptly named it Joe. It amuses us greatly even though we're totally anti-smoking. And 'Lijah is scared to death of my slingshot monkey. I may just use it the next time he throws a doozy of a tantrum...  ;o)

2010-09-16 20:57 (UTC)
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Yay, two posts from you in one day!


I love watching kids with donuts! My girls manage to get messy even with plain ol' glazed. :)

No ideas on Isaac's birthday, but I always forget how close our birthdays are. I'm sure you'll think of something cool and fun!

Haha, 'Lijah as B. A. would be hilarious!!

2010-09-16 22:28 (UTC)
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The other one was actually last night, but just barely. Still, I'm happy you're happy. =o)

Oh, I'm sure 'Lijah would too. He gets messy with peanut butter on toast. And Cheerios. hehe.

I know!

2010-09-16 22:33 (UTC)
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I miss you! Of course I'm happy you posted! I'm so glad you'll be up here in less than a month. :D :D :D

2010-09-17 00:11 (UTC)
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I miss writing. Things are getting more routine and less annoying, so hopefully I'll get back to normal.

2010-09-16 21:18 (UTC)
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First off, as an A-Team fangirl, I LOVE the Halloween idea! ♥

Hmmm....Isaac's b-day party...??? Maybe a political themed party where everyone comes dressed up as current/former politicians?

2010-09-16 23:58 (UTC)
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I figured you would! I'd say we could be the Leverage team instead (Isaac as Nate, me as Parker, Seth as Elliot, and 'Lijah as Hardisan, but Seth would be a much better Hardisan and I can't think of how to make 'Lijah Elliot), but they're not as recognizable.

Yeah, but then we'd have several Obamas just to tease him. I thought maybe if we did the '80s he could be Reagan, since Reagan was elected the year he was born.

2010-09-17 14:28 (UTC)
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I love the A-team idea! That's awesome!

Did you get pics of him eating his donut???

2010-09-18 22:01 (UTC)
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Of course! Look on Facebook in the "Our Elijah" album.

2010-09-18 22:31 (UTC)
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I keep forgetting to look there. :)

2010-09-17 15:06 (UTC)
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Oh poor 'Lijah, scared of the monkey, haha! Between that and woosha it's a wonder he's still alive XD

Dude, Halloween is only a month and a half away =O I doubt I'll be doing anything that requires a costume, but you never know. I thought about being Trinity from the Matrix because she rocks: though my hair is so NOT hers and where on earth would you find a floor length leather coat?! Well thrift stores, but I've never seen one!

/makes mental note to check out Target boots

2010-09-17 15:07 (UTC)
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And just noticed: you went to Dunkin Donuts FOR lunch? As in, donuts for lunch? Awesome.

2010-09-18 22:04 (UTC)
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Haha, yes, we do that sometimes. I *love* donuts!

2010-09-18 22:04 (UTC)
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No kidding. Although now he only feigns fear of the woosha occasionally. She was near him today and he started freaking out and Isaac said, "Oh, are you scared of the woosha today?" LOL. Actually, now he tries to move her out of the way like we do, which accomplishes absolutely nothing. He also locks her in his room. Hehe.

I know! I LOVE Halloween. Isaac said we should have a Halloween party, but I said not if we're having a birthday party for you! I don't think you'd need a floor length leather jacket. I was Trinity once with a regular-length leather jacket and everyone knew who I was. Or you could just get a regular black trench coat. It's really the greasy hair and the sunglasses and the all black that sell that costume.

Definitely do!

2010-09-22 22:12 (UTC)
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lol you wouldn't happen to still have the jacket would you :P

I wish I could find a shiny one.....

2010-09-22 23:55 (UTC)
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I don't have a shiny one, but I have a black leather jacket.

2010-09-17 16:08 (UTC)
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You are awesome. :D ♥

2010-09-18 22:04 (UTC)
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Haha, thanks!

2010-09-18 19:37 (UTC)
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I have your adoption blog bookmarked and I've been keeping up with it, along with the adorable photos you've been posting of Elijah. He's just SO cute! :-) I am so, so happy for you and Isaac!

Happy early birthday to Isaac! I didn't do a big celebration for my 30th, but just had a nice dinner with family and friends at P.F. Chang's. Fun and delicious. :-) I like your ideas, though, and hope that you are able to come up with a memorable party for Isaac!

Love your Halloween ideas, too! :-) The A-Team would be awesome!

Love and miss you! *hugs*

2010-09-18 22:06 (UTC)
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Glad to hear it! I can see on the stats that I have a ton of page views but only a few comments per entry, so I know there are people out there reading!

I remember reading about your celebration. We love to party (non-alcoholic, that is) though so if we can have a good excuse, so be it! I also want to institute Pie Day at our house like his family does the day before Thanksgiving, and invite all our friends and family over. =o)

Ditto! It makes me sad that Hanson isn't coming to HOB this year even though you're still getting to go! Let me know how AMAZING they are this year!

2010-09-25 15:43 (UTC)
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Awww, I definitely think you should have a party for Isaac's big day. :-) Wish I could drive up to Jax to see you! Liz and her Mom went to St. Augustine and Savannah this weekend. Would have loved to have gone. :-)

I wish you could come to the concert! You will be there in spirit, my dear! <3 Maybe they'll come back to the HOB next year and we can plan a trip. :-)

Love you! Miss you! I can't believe it's been almost a year since we've seen each other. :-(


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