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+ I love Publix not just for the deals they give me, but for their commitment to correct grammar and punctuation. They are the only grocery store I've ever seen that has a "Ten items or fewer" lane instead of "Ten items or less". I also love them for their restaurant, Crispers, who has a salad with fruit in it year-round (hear that, Panera?) and the best chowdah (slightly spicy crab & corn) I've ever had. *hugs Publix*

+ Anybody else in denial that we're already more than a week into 2010? Seriously. I feel like it should maybe be September 2009 right now.

+ We went to see my grandma at the hospital today. She officially has two good knees now! Woo-hoo! I can't WAIT for her to be totally recuperated, because she will be SO happy. She had horrible knees for a very long time. I expect to see her literally leaping for joy in a month or two.  ;o)  Tomorrow she moves to a rehab center. Pray for a quick recovery. I'm sure this one will be better because she already has a strong knee now.

+ Ange and I were planning to meet at the hospital way on the eastside and I was waiting for her to call me, so I killed time at The Thrift Store. There was one thing I really needed - a brown jacket, preferably long - and I found one! Its really nice, dark brown, double-breasted, slightly longer than mid-thigh, it has pockets, and it was only $6! Yay!  I'm wearing it already, without washing it, which probably grosses some people out, but when I said I needed it, I meant it. Hehe.

+ Yesterday got better when Isaac got home. He has that effect on me. =o) Plus, then we went across town for the mystery shop, which was great, as expected. When we returned home, I deleted at least 10GB of pictures off my camera's memory card. Normally I don't let it pile up like that, but I had barely deleted anything since the El Salvador trip in July. *sheepish grin*

+ Nala hasn't thrown up since before I wrote that entry yesterday, so I think she's feeling better. *cheers* We've had her for 3 months now, can you believe that? She's such a sweetie. I entered her in a contest, too. Go vote for her!
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L - Libraries. As a child libraries were magical to me because I read voraciously. I think part of the reason I loved Milton, WI so much is because our house was just a block from the library! Nowadays I check out more movies than I do books, but still - those are free movies! I bet libraries have saved me thousands of dollars in my life, especially since we are sometimes able to get some of Isaac's school books from there. And there's something about walking into a huge library that's still magical to me. Every time I go into Jax's Main Library I look up to all the levels and sigh happily. =o)

M - Mandy. There will never be a better dog than the one I had the pleasure of loving for 13 years. You know you have an amazing dog when other dog owners say they like her better than their own dog! Or when avowed cat lovers, who swore off dogs long ago, say, "If all dogs were like her, I'd have one." She was so sweet, so loving, and so smart. It's been nearly two months since we said goodbye to her and I miss her so much. I only cry now when I really think about how much I miss her. Like now.

N - Nala. She has helped me a lot in getting over the loss of Mandy. She's also a really good dog so far, except for trying to eat everything. She's pretty smart too, very entertaining, adorable, and she's a sweetie. Last week I was crying very hard about something, and she came and laid her head on my lap and looked up at me. She doesn't do that often, so I think she was possibly trying to comfort me (or at least figure me out). I'm so glad we have her.

O - Ocean. I love the ocean! Always have, always will. And I especially love that it's only half an hour away now, instead of hours and hours away like it was in Illinois. Lakes are nice, but they don't even come close to the ocean. The smell, the sound, the immediate loss of stress when I walk out on the sand... ahhh...

P - Packages. Even if I'm the one who ordered it, and even if I know it contains something boring (like Isaac's school books), there's still something exciting about coming home from work and finding a package on my doorstep. My favorite packages are surprises, like when [ profile] modernelegance sent me a hilarious Supernatural viewing kit or when [ profile] elanortheeldest sent me a gift card to Red Lobster. =o)
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+ I went to the dentist today and for the first time in a very long time, I had no cavities and they said my gums look pretty good! We didn't have to schedule any periodontal follow-up or fillings. Woo-hoo! Of course, I have done absolutely nothing different this time than the previous times, so who knows if it'll last, but I'm happy.

+ I turned down the promotional modeling gig this Saturday. Turns out it only pays in makeup, and as much as I'd like that, I also realized I'd be standing nonstop for 3 hours in tall heels, and then I plan to go to Contra for 3 hours? Um, no. I would die. (And I'm not skipping Contra!) Dude, I was only standing in heels for about 2 hours for the fashion show in the spring and my feet were KILLING me the rest of the day.

+ The Humane Society emailed me a survey about our experience with them. I took it because I usually like to give feedback like that. Well, turns out if you take it they surprise you with a $10 off any purchase coupon for their thrift store! Looks like I'll be heading over that way again one of these days. A gift card for a thrift store. Wow. It's like heaven.

+ Nala is killing me with Extreme Puppy Cuteness. She tosses her toys out of reach so she can pounce on them, and then repeats that several times. Last night I saw her eyeing my toes (I think the polish makes her notice them or something) so I wiggled them and moved them closer to her slowly. She pounced on my foot. LOL. Thankfully she didn't bite my toes once she captured them. She pounces on moths and lizards outside, which, every time, looks just like Simba's pouncing lesson on The Lion King. The other day I brought her into my room so I could get ready for the day and still keep an eye on her, and she discovered socks. When I took away the dirty sock Isaac left on the floor, she started pulling socks one by one out of the laundry basket and dodging me. Too funny! Oh, and when my grandma met her the other day, Nala kept her ears back for a long time because she was getting loved, and Grama said, "I don't think she has big ears." I told her that's just because they were pressed down. Finally Nala heard a noise and raised her ears, and Grama started laughing. Nala thought that was a strange sound too, so she raised her ears even higher, which made Grams laugh more, which made Nala move her ears again, which made Grams laugh more, etc. It was hilarious. *I* was cracking up at the two of them. Last night Isaac was sitting in a dining room chair when he realized she had her mouth around the leg of it. He looked down at her and she looked up at him - mouth still around the chair leg - and gave him the exact look that the Madagascar lion had on his face when he bit the zebra's butt. LOL!

And how cute is this? He was saving her from the vacuum cleaner.
So, yeah. You could say we're smitten.  =o)  Oh, yeah - and she had no accidents in the house yesterday or yet today! WOOHOO! I'm sure she will still have some because she's so young, but it's been awfully nice.
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She's a 3-month-old basenji/lab mix (well, we're not 100% sure she's lab, but I'm not sure what else would give her that pretty yellowy-tan color), she could be anywhere between 25 and 70 lbs. full grown (depends on which breed is dominant), she loves being held by anyone and everyone, and as of today she belongs to us. =oD

I found her at the shelter on Thursday but we couldn't pick her up till today, and Isaac had to see her, so we went over there this afternoon. As soon as he saw her he fell for her too. =o) We had to wait quite a while to get to take her home, because the shelter was busy, but it was worth it. I held her the whole way home, which we later realized was not a good idea since Isaac had to leave immediately upon our arrival at home, and so she only bonded with me. She had severe separation anxiety when I just went to take a shower, LOL. But Isaac held her for a while tonight and so she didn't even whine when I went to CVS real quick. We're keeping her in a crate at least till she's house trained, so this could be a long night of yowling. She is definitely a people dog. She will let strangers hold her, but she's shy in that they have to initiate contact. She adores AJ and especially Chloe. She laid next to my feet when I did the dishes.

So far she hasn't chewed a thing - including her toys. I hope this isn't just the lulling phase. Oh - and when we were still at the shelter, the worker got out a bag of treats so we could give her some. We gave her one and it looked like she swallowed it, so we put them away. When she realized she wasn't going to get anymore, she spit the other one out on the floor and ate it. Nala totally cheeked that treat! We're really going to have to watch her when we give her meds! LOL.

So, house training and separation anxiety aside, it has been a good first day. She agrees, as she's conked out on the couch next to me. We weren't going to let her on the couch but I caved because she's so darn cute and she MUST BE NEXT TO ME AT ALL TIMES OR SHE WILL DIE. LOL.

A few more pics... )


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