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1. What did you do in 2009 that you'd never done before?
Got paid to model (including a spread in a magazine!), went to Europe, took a backpacking trip, rode on a real train, had to put a dog to sleep, started the process of adopting a child, went a year without seeing one of my brothers...  =o(

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
Not really, and no. I know C25K is some people's resolution, but we started that on November 30th!

3. Did anyone close to you have kids?

My friends Forrest & Shannon adopted twins.  =o)

4. Did anyone close to you get married?
Not that I can think of at the moment.

5. Did anyone close to you die?
Mandy.  =o(

6. Did you travel?
To North Carolina, Tennessee, England, France, Italy, Greece, El Salvador, Georgia, and Connecticut.

7. Did you move anywhere?
Nope! Which is a very good thing since I love it here.

8. What was the best month?
No contest - May! In May we went to four European countries, including Italy, which had been at the top of my Travel Wish List for years. Plus, my birthday is in May.  =o)

9. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
A closer relationship with God, and a kid or kids!  =oD  And no house problems for once. That would be nice.

10. What date(s) from 2009 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
January 15 - My first paid modeling gig! May 12-June 3 - our Europe trip! July 2 - when we applied to our adoption agency! September 24 - When we said goodbye to Mandy.

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X - X-rays. While that is partially because I'm more thankful for x-rays than for xylophones, it is mainly because x-rays are so helpful. I can't imagine what it was like before x-rays, MRIs, and such, when the only way doctors could see inside of us was to cut us open!

Y - Yelling. I mostly do it at concerts, I used to do it at my brothers, and doing it at Olympians makes several songs much more fun. That said, I like it in moderation. Hehe.

Z - Zzzzzs. I love sleep, which may be because I need more of it than most people (and haven't gotten much lately). I actually wish that wasn't the case, but I love a good nap or falling asleep cuddled up to the 'sposo.

And now in 26 days I have given thanks for 26 things beginning with all 26 letters.
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Q - Quarterbacks. Namely, good ones. I've been a Brett Favre fan forever, and as much as I hate seeing him on another team, and as much as other people feel betrayed, I still love him. I love watching Tom Brady find Randy Moss for an amazing 60-yard TD out of nowhere. It's always fun watching him break records and put the ball right where it needs to go. And of course there's Brady's main rival, Peyton Manning, who is also awesome. He may not have Brady's looks, but his SNL and commercials are funnier. I love football, and the QBs are always entertaining. And in the college arena, how can I forget Tim Tebow? He's not only a Heisman winner and champion, he's one of the nicest, down-to-earth, Christian guys ever. I'm so glad he's a Florida Gator! Oh, and for the record, the Lions' rookie QB Matt Stafford had the highest yardage of anyone yesterday. =oD

R - Rock music. I like that old time rock 'n' roll all the way to modern rock, especially Christian modern rock. I love that we have good Christian rock now, but I still love me some Boston, Skynyrd, and Aerosmith.

S - Sandals. I loved them even before I lived somewhere warm, but once we moved to Florida they became pretty much my only footwear. It took me a little while to get into flip-flops, but then they took over. The best thing about sandals is that even though, as usual, no one makes my size (10½), I can wear a 10 even though it's too small.

T - Thanksgiving. I suppose that could be cheating, since that what these ABCs are for, but I love Thanksgiving. So much good food, a whole day with family, and what is usually the only Lions football game I get to watch all year. This year I get to experience my first Connecticut Thanksgiving, including Pie Day the day before, and then Thanksgiving with my family when we get home. Woo-hoo!

U - Umbrellas. Usually I forget to bring one, but when I remember, they are very nice for the occasional rain storm. We also used one as a wind break when we were in Portsmouth and it was freaking freezing cold out. Even though it was raining, the wind made it colder than the rain did, so we turned it toward there instead of up.

V - Vacations. I love going someplace new or a favorite place I haven't been to for a while. Even though I have flown so many times in my life, there's still something exhilarating about airports, because it means that I'm going somewhere exciting. I love seeing old friends and family, and having new experiences. Mostly I love spending all day, every day with Isaac.

W - Word of Life. WOL has been a part of my life pretty much forever. In the churches my parents started, we started WOL Olympian clubs. I got my first Olympian medal when I was 5 years old. I still have it. I went all the way through the Olympian program, earning the 6-year steadfast trophy, and then did the 6-year DIA program as a teen, which I think got me another trophy (I had to take a test on 6 years' worth of memory verses!), and some scholarships for WOL Bible Institute, and I also went to the awesome WOL Island for summer camp. Then I went to WOLBI out of high school, which was one of the best decisions I ever made. I ended up going to second year in NY, which was also awesome, though not as awesome as it would've been if it had been in FL. Hehe. I learned and grew so much with those two years immersed in learning about the Bible and trying various ministries and having so many close friends right there - not to mention I am one of those who got a husband out of the deal. After getting married I worked for WOL for over a year, and I must admit that my main daydream of the future involves Isaac being a resident professor there and we get to be a part of it again. And now my church has Olympians and I'm a leader there. I've come full circle. Although there are some things I don't agree with WOL about, I love it so much, and the positives FAR outweigh the negatives.
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L - Libraries. As a child libraries were magical to me because I read voraciously. I think part of the reason I loved Milton, WI so much is because our house was just a block from the library! Nowadays I check out more movies than I do books, but still - those are free movies! I bet libraries have saved me thousands of dollars in my life, especially since we are sometimes able to get some of Isaac's school books from there. And there's something about walking into a huge library that's still magical to me. Every time I go into Jax's Main Library I look up to all the levels and sigh happily. =o)

M - Mandy. There will never be a better dog than the one I had the pleasure of loving for 13 years. You know you have an amazing dog when other dog owners say they like her better than their own dog! Or when avowed cat lovers, who swore off dogs long ago, say, "If all dogs were like her, I'd have one." She was so sweet, so loving, and so smart. It's been nearly two months since we said goodbye to her and I miss her so much. I only cry now when I really think about how much I miss her. Like now.

N - Nala. She has helped me a lot in getting over the loss of Mandy. She's also a really good dog so far, except for trying to eat everything. She's pretty smart too, very entertaining, adorable, and she's a sweetie. Last week I was crying very hard about something, and she came and laid her head on my lap and looked up at me. She doesn't do that often, so I think she was possibly trying to comfort me (or at least figure me out). I'm so glad we have her.

O - Ocean. I love the ocean! Always have, always will. And I especially love that it's only half an hour away now, instead of hours and hours away like it was in Illinois. Lakes are nice, but they don't even come close to the ocean. The smell, the sound, the immediate loss of stress when I walk out on the sand... ahhh...

P - Packages. Even if I'm the one who ordered it, and even if I know it contains something boring (like Isaac's school books), there's still something exciting about coming home from work and finding a package on my doorstep. My favorite packages are surprises, like when [ profile] modernelegance sent me a hilarious Supernatural viewing kit or when [ profile] elanortheeldest sent me a gift card to Red Lobster. =o)
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H - Husband. It might seem like I should wait and do I for Isaac, but since I nearly always call him "Husband", at least when I'm talking to him, it is more fitting to make him the H. So. Husband. He is my best friend and anything that's fun without him would be more fun with him. I love being with him and I wish that he didn't have to work so I could hang out with him all the time. He is the only person who really knows how silly I am, and yet he loves me anyway. I can't wait to see him as a dad.  =o)

I - Internet. Without it I would not have met the vast majority of you reading this, and therefore I would've missed out on some great friendships. I just spent two weekends, one in Orlando and one in Tennessee, hanging out with 5 of my online friends. I must admit I occasionally daydream about all of us living in the same neighborhood. (For the record, there are two houses for sale on my block...) I've been in love with the internet since I was about 13 years old.

J - Jacksonville. I love Florida as a whole, but I especially love Jacksonville. I love that I have access to all the amenities of a city, but with a small town feel. I love that Jax leans conservative (Duval County did not go for Obama!), that we have the river and gorgeous ocean beaches, that tourists and old people drive right by us, that we can go to St. Augustine, Orlando, Savannah, Daytona, and Cape Canaveral for a day trip (a long day trip, but still, a day trip), and that we have the best thrift stores and church ever.

K - Kutless. They have been one of my favorite bands for many years now. Their songs never get old to me, because they seriously rock, but they are also obviously Christian. There is nothing wrong with a band just having positive or philosophical songs that never mention the name of Jesus, but a lot of times I want blatantly Christian songs, and when I want to rock out to blatantly Christian songs, there is nothing better than Kutless. I've seen them in concert twice and they're excellent. Their song, "Strong Tower", is one of the most encouraging songs to me.
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E - Espresso. I just got an espresso maker (thanks, Swagbucks!) and I love it! Espresso is so yummy, better for you than drip coffee, and there are so many awesome flavored (and sugar-free) syrups to go with it. And even though I'm sure it's just a placebo effect since caffeine doesn't usually affect me, I have been getting a lot done in the past few espresso-fueled days.

F - Florida. I was born and raised up north, which, for the most part, I did not like. I get cold easily and thus hate cold weather, and I really hated how winter dragged on forever with gray skies and brown earth. I always knew I wanted to live somewhere warm, and every time we would visit Florida, it felt like where I belonged. Well, when I was almost 19 years old, my mom got a job in Jacksonville, FL. Finally, I was home. A lot of people here get on my nerves saying how ugly Florida is (because apparently they don't use their eyes?), and they complain about gorgeous 80º days in November. Not me. Not ever. I think sprawling live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, gorgeous white sand beaches, the sun setting behind palm trees, Spanish architecture, fields of wildflowers, etc., are beautiful. I would rather have a beautiful, swimmable beach nearby than mountains any day. (Although of course I do like mountains - just not as much as I like warm beaches.) And you will never find me complaining about a sunny, 80º day, no matter where I am or what time of year. I love Florida. It is my home.

G - Grace. As a pastor's kid I've heard a lot about God's grace during my entire life, but much of my understanding of it (as a human can) has come since we started attending WCFC. Ken's emphasis on it as it comes from passages he's preached on has really taught me a lot. Praise God for His grace, without which we would be helpless and hopeless. Listen to "Grace Unmeasured".
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Each day from November 1st through the 26th write a few sentences about something you are thankful for, from A to Z.
On the first, you use the letter A, on the second, the letter B, and so on.

I'm starting on Nov. 4, so this post brought to you by the letters A, B, C & D.

A - Answers. I love spoilers and I love knowing things. Mostly I love that the Bible gives us all the answers we really need in life.

B - Bethany. My name! When I was a kid, I wished my name was something else. (Don't all kids do that at one time or another?) But for many years now I've really liked my name. Just don't call me Beth!  ;o)

C - Church. I *love* my church! I knew from the first time I ever went there that it was the one for me. I've been to a lot of churches in my lifetime (more than most people, I would wager) and this is the best of them, IMO. 2½ years after that first visit, I started working there too.

D - Dad. I have a great one. When my brothers and I were kids and teens we were homeschooled, our dad was a pastor, and his office was always at home, so we got to spend more time with our dad than most people get to. We often went out to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch, he taught us to drive when we were young (in parking lots and country roads) so we were comfortable in the driver's seat when we finally reached age 16, and he once took my friends and me, who were having a slumber party, out to Hardee's at 2am because we were hungry! And of course everyone wanted him on their team when we played basketball in our driveway. He always wanted the best for us, even though we didn't always understand it.
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Political meme inside... )

In other memeness, [ profile] chestnutcurls asked me to tell her ten things I love that start with the letter R.

1. Rice - especially when it's fried on a hibachi grill at a Japanese steakhouse. Yum.
2. Rain - I love a good rainstorm. Really, I like rain in all its forms, but only in small doses. 3 or more days of rain makes me gloomy. (I am a good fit for the Sunshine State.)
3. Reading - Though I don't do as much of it as I used to, it's nice to curl up on the couch with a good book.
4. Rock 'n' roll - I like that old time rock 'n' roll. And that new time rock 'n' roll. Hehe.
5. Rest - Duh.
6. Rings - I have three that I wear every day. My wedding ring, of course, as well as my thumb ring and a really delicate gold and diamond ring we got in Mexico on our honeymoon.
7. Redheads - I'm blessed to know several awesome people with red hair, including [ profile] istra_willow, [ profile] dramatic_suzy, [ profile] lilia2000, [ profile] wandering_flame, and to some degree his wife [ profile] pansyprincess. Am I forgetting anyone?
8. Rainbows - They're beautiful (especially over the ocean or a golden wheat field), and they are a reminder of God's grace.
9. Radio - I've been a radio addict since I was a kid and listened to my favorite CCM station all the time. Most of the bands I love I first heard on the radio.
10. Riding - on a motorcycle or jet ski or other fun thing. Or airplane.

Wow, that was hard there at the end!


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