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+ I finally got my hair trimmed today! Unfortunately, it's not as short as I wanted. I'm so bad at telling hair lengths when my hair is wet. I may well try to find a time to go back and have the stylist shorten it a bit, but her hours are basically only weekday mornings, so I'd have to have Mom watch Elijah again. At least it's much better than it was before I went in.

+ After my haircut we went to Target where I got another of these hampers. I got one a few months ago and love it as much as a person could love a laundry hamper. It holds about two loads' worth, takes up very little floor space, is easy to carry, it's sturdy and strong, and you can fold it away if you're not using it. Taking up less floor space will be very useful for Elijah's tiny closet. Anyway, I love it so much I convinced my mom to buy one and then finally went on the Target website and wrote a rave review. Also - Target has a lot of really cute boots in stores. I need to go back and try some on. The one pair of boots I own that actually fit my nonexistent calves is from Target.

+ On the way home we went to Dunkin' Donuts for lunch. Hehe. Elijah had his first donut - can you believe it's taken this long with me as his mother? - and he loved it. It was chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkles, and he ate the chocolate part first by putting his nose in the hole. He had rainbow sprinkles all over his face because of it. LOL!

+ Isaac's 30th birthday is on October 2nd and I really want to do something fun for it, but he's too busy to really think about it. I suggested an '80s costume party, since you can buy '80s stuff at thrift stores AND regular stores right now, but he was meh on the idea. Too bad, 'cause I think he and I could be a cute Maverick & Charlie from Top Gun.  ;o)  Any other suggestions for ways to celebrate?

+ Speaking of costumes, Isaac and I separately came up with the idea of dressing like the A-Team for Halloween. We had repeatedly joked about dressing 'Lijah up as Mr. T, and somehow that spurred us both into thinking of doing a whole A-Team thing. He would be Hannibal because he's old (my reasoning) and definitely has a mastermind thing going on (his reasoning). I would be Face because, well, my love for Face has gone on since I was a kid. When my brothers and I played A-Team, I was always Face. And we think Seth would be a great Murdock. So we'll see. I'm sure dressing E. as B.A. would stir the pot less than my other costume idea: dressing him like George W. Bush. *evil grin*

+ In other amusing bad parenting news, someone at church gave Elijah a stuffed camel and I promptly named it Joe. It amuses us greatly even though we're totally anti-smoking. And 'Lijah is scared to death of my slingshot monkey. I may just use it the next time he throws a doozy of a tantrum...  ;o)
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+ Happy birthday to Isaac! He is now only 12 years away from 40. Hehe. And he is the best husband ever!

+ I feel like I live at Home Depot and Walmart. I've been to each of them at least 4 times this week.

+ I'm trying to laugh at the fact that the first night this week that I finally got enough sleep preceded the one day I really could've used an extra few hours of awake time.

+ Ghirardelli chocolate chips being the same price as Walmart brand makes me very happy.

+ Apparently I've been lusting after cashmere sweaters all these years, when I could've just bought them; there are tons of them for great prices on Ebay! Oh, this is a bad, bad discovery for my budget.

+ 30% cash back on Ebay Buy It Now purchases is love.

+ Can any of you convince me that the quality of photos taken by a DSLR is worth it despite its heft when compared to a good digicam that has all manual options but an attached lens? I love the quality of DSLRs, but I also like having a camera that fits in my purse and doesn't weigh 3 lbs because of the lenses. So, yeah - convince me.

+ Hanging pictures is a lot easier than I thought it was. Therefore, I hate myself for waiting 3 years to do so.

+ I have an unhealthy obsession with soft blankets. And Cherry Coke.

+ 18 people have RSVPed for the party tonight. That is workable, assuming they don't all stay for the debate and want to sit in the living room. (Our dining room is basically just an extension of our living room though, so it'll be fine.)

+ I don't actually believe that it's October. Everyone is lying to me.


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