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1. What did you do in 2009 that you'd never done before?
Got paid to model (including a spread in a magazine!), went to Europe, took a backpacking trip, rode on a real train, had to put a dog to sleep, started the process of adopting a child, went a year without seeing one of my brothers...  =o(

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
Not really, and no. I know C25K is some people's resolution, but we started that on November 30th!

3. Did anyone close to you have kids?

My friends Forrest & Shannon adopted twins.  =o)

4. Did anyone close to you get married?
Not that I can think of at the moment.

5. Did anyone close to you die?
Mandy.  =o(

6. Did you travel?
To North Carolina, Tennessee, England, France, Italy, Greece, El Salvador, Georgia, and Connecticut.

7. Did you move anywhere?
Nope! Which is a very good thing since I love it here.

8. What was the best month?
No contest - May! In May we went to four European countries, including Italy, which had been at the top of my Travel Wish List for years. Plus, my birthday is in May.  =o)

9. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
A closer relationship with God, and a kid or kids!  =oD  And no house problems for once. That would be nice.

10. What date(s) from 2009 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
January 15 - My first paid modeling gig! May 12-June 3 - our Europe trip! July 2 - when we applied to our adoption agency! September 24 - When we said goodbye to Mandy.

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On December 29, 2003, we said forever, and (in the words of those poets, the Backstreet Boys) even forever doesn't seem like long enough. To read a pictorial history of the first few years of our relationship (including how we met), go here. In this post will be just pics of us from each year we've been married.

2003 - Our wedding!

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In these seven years we've been to CT, GA, IL, IN, MI, NC, NY (and all the states in between FL & NY), and D.C., Mexico, Bahamas, El Salvador, England, France, Italy, Greece, and Ethiopia. Whew!

Finally, I leave you with a song. I don't remember how we first came across this song in 2008, but we immediately claimed it as our song. Although a few parts don't apply to us, much of it, and the general feel of it, is US. On our first day in Paris, which did not go very well, we heard it in the basement of a McDonald's (there was seating there), and, since no one else was around, we sat there and sang along together, and somehow the day just seemed to get better. So, I present to you, "Lucky" by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat.

"Lucky" Official Video With Colbie Caillat

Jason Mraz | MySpace Music Videos
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H - Husband. It might seem like I should wait and do I for Isaac, but since I nearly always call him "Husband", at least when I'm talking to him, it is more fitting to make him the H. So. Husband. He is my best friend and anything that's fun without him would be more fun with him. I love being with him and I wish that he didn't have to work so I could hang out with him all the time. He is the only person who really knows how silly I am, and yet he loves me anyway. I can't wait to see him as a dad.  =o)

I - Internet. Without it I would not have met the vast majority of you reading this, and therefore I would've missed out on some great friendships. I just spent two weekends, one in Orlando and one in Tennessee, hanging out with 5 of my online friends. I must admit I occasionally daydream about all of us living in the same neighborhood. (For the record, there are two houses for sale on my block...) I've been in love with the internet since I was about 13 years old.

J - Jacksonville. I love Florida as a whole, but I especially love Jacksonville. I love that I have access to all the amenities of a city, but with a small town feel. I love that Jax leans conservative (Duval County did not go for Obama!), that we have the river and gorgeous ocean beaches, that tourists and old people drive right by us, that we can go to St. Augustine, Orlando, Savannah, Daytona, and Cape Canaveral for a day trip (a long day trip, but still, a day trip), and that we have the best thrift stores and church ever.

K - Kutless. They have been one of my favorite bands for many years now. Their songs never get old to me, because they seriously rock, but they are also obviously Christian. There is nothing wrong with a band just having positive or philosophical songs that never mention the name of Jesus, but a lot of times I want blatantly Christian songs, and when I want to rock out to blatantly Christian songs, there is nothing better than Kutless. I've seen them in concert twice and they're excellent. Their song, "Strong Tower", is one of the most encouraging songs to me.
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Things that made me smile today:
+ Getting done with work extra quickly for no apparent reason
+ Finding out that my modeling agent only accepts 5-10 adults each year... and I was one of them
+ Having good friends over for dinner
+ Their comments on how great the living/dining rooms look
+ Their shocked reactions when told Mandy is 13 years old
+ Isaac being the grillmaster and making some rockin' pork loin wrapped in bacon
+ Showing them all our Europe pics and telling all our stories
+ Giving them some Starbucks ice cream to take home
+ Doing the dishes as soon as they leave so they're not waiting for me in the morning, while singing and dancing along with a great CD, with a hard cider in reach.
+ A husband who loves me, waiting in bed for me

This is my life. I am grateful.
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+ We just did devotions together for the first time in ages. It helps that I finally found my Quiet Time that went missing in September. It was under the couch... where Isaac and I had both checked more than once. Isaac prayed for our child who may already be out there somewhere and of course I started crying. There is nothing guaranteed to make me cry other than adoption. I wasn't this bad till we went to the orphanage in El Salvador. It's just so REAL now. I really, really understand why God placed it in our hearts to do this, and I feel much less defective for not having always daydreamed about being pregnant and having kids that look like me.

+ We finally took our Christmas stuff down today. The dining room looks so big without the tree in there! It's kinda sad to have it gone for another 11 months.

+ 4 more Swagbucks and I can get $25 in Amazon gift certificates! And Isaac's account has enough for $5 for Amazon or Starbucks. I'm planning a trip to Knoxville to get together with some friends (woo-hoo!), which I will need airfare for, so I may hold onto mine and keep saving for the $50 Southwest gift card. It's hard though. There are lots of things I could buy from Amazon with $25. If you'd like to earn things just for searching as you would with Google, sign up here! Then when you win, I win. And when the friends you refer win, you win!

+ I had a really unhealthy day today. I ate leftover shrimp and fettuccine alfredo for lunch and then thick crust white pizza for dinner. Good thing I went for a 5-mile bike ride yesterday and a 3-mile walk today! I really love walking to work. I don't know why I waited so long to try it.

+ Did I ever post on here that I figured out the savings from my CVSing? My Aug. 30-Dec. 31 CVSing total out of pocket cost was $50.51 and I saved $863.32! I would've spent over $77 on stuff like milk, gum, tissues, etc. anyway, and that's not even counting the makeup, tons of toothpaste, medicine, etc. that I have gotten that we'll use eventually. I've also made $10 of my out of pocket cost back from Ebay auctions and will be getting $27 back from rebates - so it's like I've only spent $13.51. And I have two nice blood glucose meters to sell on Ebay which will probably fetch another $10 each, so I'll come out getting all that stuff and having spent nothing. Freaking awesome.

+ Isaac came to work with me for 5 hours Tuesday night. We are in the process of switching the church's financials from Quicken to Quickbooks. I can already tell that it's far more user friendly, and I hardly know what I'm doing yet! We also began a bit of the year end stuff which has been stressing me out. I think it will actually be okay though, with his help. I'm so grateful for him. I could never have taken the treasurer position without him being an accountant and being kind enough to help me.

+ Seth has declared me the coolest sister ever. Not only did I buy him a case of Cheerwine in NC, but I also gave him a set of headphones for his phone (well, actually I traded for a 2GB micro SD card) and made him some ringtones. So basically? I'm the bomb. Hehe.

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+ It's 80º today! Yes, this is why I daydreamed about living in Florida when I lived in Illinois. Heaven... I'm in heaven, and my heart beats so I can hardly speak. =o)

+ Life has been crazy. I got back from Charleston Saturday afternoon, spent 15 minutes at home, went to work to finish the bulletin, swung by the house (and didn't even turn the car off) to pick Isaac up to go to 20s/30s Fellowship Group at AAAC's, stayed there till 11, then hit Walmart for something I had to get that night, and then finally got home around 11:30. Whew! Sunday morning was insanity. I only made it into Sunday School for the last 10 minutes, because I had to help the kids' Sunday School practice the song they're singing in church for Christmas, and then was asked to get the November financials done ASAP for a deacon meeting Monday night to determine if we get Christmas bonuses this year (I still haven't heard what the consensus is), and then had a few other things come up too. Once SS was over, I had to enter a song into the PowerPoint that was added last minute, and it was really confusing and I couldn't type for some reason so there were typos even after I proofread it. *headdesk* Then we had plans to go out with our dinner group, which was actually relaxing, but still took up time. Olympians that night was crazy, too. I swear all the kids were on speed. They were insane and louder than ever for no apparent reason. I would say they lost at least 10 minutes of game time simply because they would not listen. We were also down two leaders because after doing the lesson my dad was tossing a football with one of the teens who helps out and badly dislocated his pinky finger! So Ange had to drive Dad to the ER so they could put it back in place. (Apparently it would not budge, either. Ange said she had to leave the room because it was so gross how they had to keep pulling. *shudder*) And did I mention that Mom was not there because she was still driving back from Charleston? (Grams and I left a day earlier.) I have decided Mom is no longer allowed to miss Olympians, because last time she did a kid threw up and this time Dad got hurt and the kids were crazed. Anyway, Dad is okay but he has two fingers splinted together and his hand is bandaged so he can't really move his wrist much. Yeah. Sunday was not a good day, except that Ken's final 2 Corinthians sermon was very good.

+ So. Charleston. )

+ My Charleston pictures are here. A lot of what I talked about is pictured there.  =o)

+ What else? Oh - I have the best husband ever! While I was gone, he changed my car's oil, changed its tag light (something we had been meaning to do since September...), and cleaned the garage! Dude. I was not expecting any of that, but I am very grateful! Also, he is sexy. *nods*

+ Most of my Ebay purchases sold! I actually ended up selling the boots to [ profile] t_jay  - how great is that? I still have some shoes left though (the black ones and white ones), so if any of you wear a size 10 and want some shoes for cheap, let me know. Also, if you want to try a Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor, I have that brand new in Blushed Mauve. It retails for $9.99, but I'd sell it for $4 shipped. Better deal than you'll get anywhere else!

+ I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I just have Aaron, Dad, and my niece and nephews left - that's if I even bother to get Aaron and Dad anything. They are extremely difficult to buy for and probably couldn't care less if they get anything.

+ I have a surprise for you guys for my anniversary, but you'll have to wait till then to find out what it is. Well, except two of you, who will know in a few days. Don't give it away!

+ My MIL and SIL Hope are arriving tomorrow. They're going to hang out here for a few days and then we're heading down to see BIL Jesse in the WOL GP show Isaac and I used to work for, and bring him back to Jax for them to fly out Monday. I was going to skip WOL to go to the Jags vs. Packers game this Sunday, but the tickets fell through.  =o(  Oh well - I want to see Jesse in SSC too. He's playing Joseph - as in Mary and!

+ Time to figure out some lunch. Kudos to anyone who read all of this.

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Recently, I've learned that:

- If you think no one pays attention to you, try walking around outside in a wedding dress that's seen better days, patterned fishnet-esque tights, and pink open-toed heels. You will turn a lot of heads.
- It is extremely difficult to cover freckles with makeup.
- I am very pale. Paler than I ever knew. Paler than the lightest shade of Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage and the lightest shade of Revlon Colorstay.
- Modeling is FUN. Especially crazy, who-wears-this-crap, high fashion modeling. (See the first bullet point.)
- It is worrisome to loan one's baby camera to a friend, even a friend that one knows will take excellent care of it.
- One sees very interesting things while walking a 4-mile circuit near where one lives. Last night's walk found a pair of boxers, part of a toy gun, and some very confused signs. Also, I like that people walking the other way say hi to us even though we have never seen them before.
- There are a lot of countries that don't let people adopt unless they're at least 30 years old. Bah to them. We don't want to wait another 2 years before even beginning the process!
- CVS loves me. They sent me a $10 off $50 and a $5 off $30, thereby guaranteeing that I will have an amazing Black Friday there!
- I can deal with cold weather if I'm doing something I love.
- I'm edgy-looking. *snort*
- I can go at least one day without drinking pop/soda, but it's sad.
- My husband is amazing. This I already knew, but I keep noticing it more and more.

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Monday, 27 October 2008 10:51
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+ Hehe. LJ's "Undead Journal" header made me giggle.

+ Our heater is on for the first time since March or April. Last night's low was 40-something. I shiver to think how cold it would've been in here if I had forgotten - which I almost did - to turn it on. Tomorrow the high is 60º, and while I distinctly remember putting on shorts anytime the temperature hit 60º when I was a kid/teen in WI/IL, now I will put on a sweater and possibly also a jacket. 60º is a lot warmer in Wisconsin than it is in Florida. I wonder if I can get away with wearing a scarf? Me gusto scarves.

+ I've decided it's a lot more fun to clean with a husband than on my own. Saturday Isaac and I pretty much cleaned the house top to bottom, and it took less than two hours. And this was with stopping to goofy-dance several times to the music we were blasting. Actually, we had to agree to stop dancing and kissing anytime we walked by each other, because we knew we'd never finish the cleaning in time if we didn't. 'Tis a good life.

+ Fellowship group was fun! This is the first time we've hosted. Only two other couples came, since AAAC were out of town and some others were sick, but they are two of our favorite couples (despite political differences, LOL). We made taco salad or burritos, and I don't know why, but that was the best taco salad I have ever had. It was amazing. Isaac gave a cool little devo while I got the chocolate fountain ready. Then we gorged on chocolate-dipped pretzels and fruit while playing Pictaphone, which they seemed to quite enjoy.

+ Yesterday on the way home from lunch, we pulled up next to a car at a traffic light. We had the windows down, so we heard the little old lady driving it keep trying to start it, but it wouldn't turn over. Realizing that she was alone, we knew she'd never be able to get it out of the road by herself, so we turned around and parked at a nearby gas station, and then pushed her car to a nearby parking lot. (Pushing it the opposite way traffic was going in that lane was quite interesting.) We quickly realized we couldn't fix whatever it was, but thankfully she had AAA. Poor thing was stuck waiting at the gas station for over an hour though. Anyway, that was our Sunday afternoon adventure. Hehe.

+ Last night at Olympians all our "older" leaders were gone, so it was just Isaac, Angela, our friend Sarah, and me. The lesson was mostly a skit, but I did the opening and closing bits too. That was the first time I ever did an Olympian lesson! It went well though, I thought. Well, until one little boy who's only been there twice threw up in one of the Sunday School rooms. Oy. Next week is our famous Olympian Fun Fall Festival. I'm excited about that. Oh! Last week my mom put it (O.F.F.F.) up on the board as a reminder, then asked the kids what other words beginning with F we could add to it. We came up with fabulous, fantastic, etc. Well, last night I wrote just O.F.F.F. on there because I couldn't remember how many other Fs we had added last week. One little boy said, "What about the other f-words?" I succeeded at not cracking up, but I looked at Isaac and we smirked at each other.

+ I have been really wanting to go to The Thrift Store lately. Should I go? No. Do I want to go? YES. I haven't been there since Isaac's family was here, way back at the beginning of September. It seems I go there about every 2 or 3 months. I don't want to go alone though. Anyone want to join me? ;o)
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+ Isaac and I have been emailing each other in haiku all morning. No particular reason.

+ Speaking of Isaac (or should I say Isaaic?), he is an extremely intelligent person. I've always known this, but I'm reminded of it a lot when he is explaining things to people. He will be such a good Bible teacher.

+ Bill O'Reilly was on The View today. Oh, that was entertaining. It is so obvious that Joy and Barbara can't stand the sight of him. I don't think Joy has ever fidgeted with her hair that much during one segment before. Yesterday Elizabeth wore an awesome McCain shirt, which got her booed by the audience. (Dude, someday I will be a part of that audience and I will give that girl a standing ovation and boo Joy.) Y'all know McCain was like my 5th favorite of the Republican candidates, but that shirt rocks. If the election wasn't 2 weeks away, I'd buy it.

+ I finished watching The Lake House again this morning. I was right - I cried a lot. Such a great movie though. And at least I didn't cry as much as I did when we went to see it in the theater. Not like that's an attainable goal.

+ It's been about a year since Sarah and Andrew moved to Washington. It seems absolutely insane that it's been that long (where has this year gone?), and even more insane that I've been Sarah-less that long. =o/

+ We need to go buy our pumpkins tonight for the carving party tomorrow. I'm so excited!

+ I had more to say, but Mom just called about going to lunch with her and Grams, so I need to get ready. Adios!
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+ Work today was semi-exciting, because I sort of redid the bulletin. It didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped, because the copier made it look funny, but it's still better than the old one.

+ I had a blast with [ profile] hominygrits on Wednesday! I basically met an entire side of her extended family (a set of grandparents and a few aunts and cousins, plus her parents and brother), and had a great time doing so. They are all a lot of fun and welcomed me right into their family vacation. Most of them were either currently or originally from Boston, too, so all the New England accents made me feel like I was with my in-laws. So great. I was a bit worried about meeting Emily since I don't know her as well as most of the LJ friends I've met in person, but there was still no conversation lag or anything. We just had fun. AND I found a sand dollar! Intact! I never have before. So that was a little extra bonus.

+ I have officially decided that Bones is the most disgusting show on television. CSI may have pushed the boundaries for showing gross things on TV, but Bones has taken it to a whole new level. I should've counted how many times they've shown bowels that are, uh, disemboweled. Nasty. But, I do love the show. Very much.

+ So I knew [ profile] melyndie was cool, but I didn't know how cool. Then I found out she's a big Gilmore Girls fan. And then I found out she's a Logan girl all the way! We both see WAY too much angst and emo-ness in Jess and Dean. I think she's the only other Logan fan I know, unless some of you are hiding in the closet of Logan-love.

+ Isaac and I have mostly given up eating out until Seth gets home from WOLBI, 'cause we know that with him back home just for a few weeks, and with Melody coming to visit, we're going to be eating out extra. (We've gotta take them to Dave & Buster's, The Landing, Wasabi...) The only way we're allowed to eat out before they're here is if someone else goes too. Then we can use the excuse of fellowshipping. Hehe. Anyway, last night I made up a recipe for baked chicken that turned out really good, and paired it with some potato wedges that were amazing. I will definitely be making those again. We're really going to try to curb our eating out anyway, 'cause then we can save more money for Europe (and termites and the roof and - well, you know the list by now). We'll see how long it lasts though. Hehe.

+ Speaking of Pippy - er, Seth - he graduates a week from tomorrow! Anyone else think this year has gone by at warp speed? Yeah. If not, you do realize it's officially August now, right?

+ My icon makes me want to watch Newsies. Well, actually, I've been wanting to watch it again for quite a while. Who's up for a Newsies party at my house?

+ Last night neither Isaac nor I could fall asleep. That's really unusual; usually he's out 5 minutes after he gets in bed, and I'm usually up for quite a while wishing I was like him. After doing the usual thing married people do when they can't fall asleep (watch TV, duh. Get your mind out of the gutter. Okay, actually, leave it there... but we watched TV too. ;o) ), we talked about a lot of stuff. We were coming up with retorts for when rude strangers comment about our (future) kids, with varying skin colors, belonging to us whiteys. That was fun. Yesterday I searched for adoption stuff on CafePress, and found this awesome shirt for kids that says, "Don't tell my parents, but they don't look anything like me." LOL! I'm so going to buy that for our kids. I also really liked the one that said, "Superman was adopted." Hehe.

+ Oh yes, and six of you think I smell like pickles. I'm not really sure how to take that. I was not surprised at those of you who chose that option (I'm looking at you, pair of curly-haired sisters), though I was surprised that only six were unable to resist temptation. ;o) Oh yes, and the clear winner for Mandy pictures was this one. It had 23 votes. The next closest had only 5! I think I might enter two though, so now I can't decide whether the second should be this one or this one. (The picture(s) I submit is not the actual one that will be used on the calendar. They will take pro photos for that.) I like the one y'all chose because it shows her prettiness, but one of the other two shows her cuteness. And yes, I do love my dog a bit too much. Hehe. Any thoughts on which of those two photos I should use?

*My subject line references this hilarious video. Watch it if you haven't yet.
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I have come to the conclusion (either recently or a while ago) that...

+ If you have one pair of jeans that fit you well, you are set. Especially if they are dark jeans.
+ Every day should be free iced coffee day.
+ I love when people say thrift stores and used clothing are gross, because it just means more for me.
+ I can't believe Mandy is definitely 12 now (we don't know when she was actually born, but it was probably between April 15th & May 15th) and I'll be 25 in a week and a day.
+ I will be flying somewhere every month from April-July. And Mom has been talking about taking us to Michigan in August, so maybe it is from April-August.
+ All white chocolate macadamia nut cookies should be stinking huge and dipped in white chocolate, like the one I had after lunch today.
+ I am sooooo much like my mom. (But Isaac will tell you he's known this for years now.)
+ Anyone who knows what "melon farmer" means, without my having to tell them, is totally cool.
+ Marriage is FUN. But probably only if both the husband and wife are dorks.
+ I am a dork.
+ So is Isaac.
+ Fuzzy navels are almost as good as margaritas.
+ Scrubs is one of the funniest shows ever on television. (But it's not always kosher...)
+ I am not a very good homemaker.
+ Sometimes I come across as very harsh and know-it-allish. I never mean it that way, but it seems to happen quite often. I'm sorry!
+ Having new young couples at church is awesome. I can even forgive them for having a kid. (Especially since the kid is only six months old, and totally adorable.)
+ Amanda totally should've won Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites over Parvati.
+ You all live too far away.
+ All teenagers have at least a few moments of utter stupidity. Except my friend Cindy, who has always rocked.
+ If you hardly knew someone six years ago and you haven't spoken to them since, you should not add them on Facebook now.
+ I eat way too much pizza.
+ Boys can be very silly.
+ One of these days it might be fun to out every hypocrite I know. I hate blatant hypocrisy, and dishonesty. (And no, I'm not saying I never sin, but you know what I mean.)
+ Netflix should put more DVDs online so we (read: I) don't have to wait so long (2 days) to get another.
+ It's been too long since I've ridden a rollercoaster.
+ I don't read nearly enough these days.
+ One of these days I'm just going to go out and buy everything we need to nearly finish decorating. It's been 3 years in this house as of July, people!
+ Rich people literally do not understand being thrifty.
+ I need to get better about calling people.
+ Isaac is the most amazing husband ever.
+ It's been far too long since we had a good thunderstorm.
+ Friends who are willing to drive 4 hours to see you are amazing.
+ My long hair itches my back.
+ I need donuts.
+ E.T.A.: Dunkin Donuts hazelnut syrup for their iced coffee tastes like popcorn. Not sure I'll make that mistake again. (Yes, I'm on my 2nd free iced coffee of the day, but at least this one's decaf!)
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Yep, it's true. Today we've been married for two whole years! It's strange because it feels like there's no way it's been two years--but it's like that both ways. It seems like we've been married forever because how on earth did we live without each other? That's not possible that we just got married two years ago. On the other hand, it seems like we just got married a week ago and what? Two years? You're kidding me! And both are in the absolute best way possible. So. In honor of today, and kind of as a gift to myself, this post is going to have several pictures from our past. Some you've seen, some you haven't, but I'll be telling the stories behind them as if you've never heard them. Prepare yourself for a pretty long entry (I suppose you do that every time you come to an entry from me, hmm?), but if you don't read it all, that's okay. It's mostly for the sake of my memories. =o)

We met at Word of Life's Sights & Sounds of Christmas. We were both students at WOL's Bible Institute, though he attended in New York and I in Florida. That's why it took us till nearly 3 months into the school year to meet. He came down with a group of about 50 other NY students to help us put on this massive production--hence the makeup. At the time, the first scene took place in the Victorian era--hence the costumes. He and I hit it off immediately because we have practically the exact same sense of humor. He had a girlfriend whom he'd been dating for over 2 years and besides, he was too short for me, so romantic notions never even entered our heads.
Image hosted by

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Well, probably most of you didn't make it through all that, but that's okay. It was fun just writing it down and reminiscing. =o) Now, I'm off to put my two roses (one for each year, he said =o) ) into a vase and get dressed up for dinner at our favorite Japanese steakhouse. Good night, everyone!


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