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+ I love Publix not just for the deals they give me, but for their commitment to correct grammar and punctuation. They are the only grocery store I've ever seen that has a "Ten items or fewer" lane instead of "Ten items or less". I also love them for their restaurant, Crispers, who has a salad with fruit in it year-round (hear that, Panera?) and the best chowdah (slightly spicy crab & corn) I've ever had. *hugs Publix*

+ Anybody else in denial that we're already more than a week into 2010? Seriously. I feel like it should maybe be September 2009 right now.

+ We went to see my grandma at the hospital today. She officially has two good knees now! Woo-hoo! I can't WAIT for her to be totally recuperated, because she will be SO happy. She had horrible knees for a very long time. I expect to see her literally leaping for joy in a month or two.  ;o)  Tomorrow she moves to a rehab center. Pray for a quick recovery. I'm sure this one will be better because she already has a strong knee now.

+ Ange and I were planning to meet at the hospital way on the eastside and I was waiting for her to call me, so I killed time at The Thrift Store. There was one thing I really needed - a brown jacket, preferably long - and I found one! Its really nice, dark brown, double-breasted, slightly longer than mid-thigh, it has pockets, and it was only $6! Yay!  I'm wearing it already, without washing it, which probably grosses some people out, but when I said I needed it, I meant it. Hehe.

+ Yesterday got better when Isaac got home. He has that effect on me. =o) Plus, then we went across town for the mystery shop, which was great, as expected. When we returned home, I deleted at least 10GB of pictures off my camera's memory card. Normally I don't let it pile up like that, but I had barely deleted anything since the El Salvador trip in July. *sheepish grin*

+ Nala hasn't thrown up since before I wrote that entry yesterday, so I think she's feeling better. *cheers* We've had her for 3 months now, can you believe that? She's such a sweetie. I entered her in a contest, too. Go vote for her!
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2010-01-08 20:51 (UTC)
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Only you can go to a thrift store with a specific item in mind and actually find it! I don't even have that kind of luck at a department store!

2010-01-08 21:32 (UTC)
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Actually, usually not even I have luck that good. This is only the second time that I've had something specific in mind and actually found exactly it at a thrift store (actually, both times it was The Thrift Store, Jax's biggest and best). Usually when you need something specific you can look at 10 thrift stores, finally give up and pay five times as much for it at a regular store, and then the next time you go to thrift you find it. Hehe.

2010-01-08 21:16 (UTC)
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I didn't comment on your other post, but I was going to say I feel for you on the doggie vomit thing, since Duncan was doing that all last weekend. I'm so glad she's better. I hate it when pets are sick. I'll go vote for her now. :-)

2010-01-08 21:44 (UTC)
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Oh, that's right. Poor Duncan. I would've been as freaked out as you were. =o(

Thanks for voting! =o)

2010-01-08 21:20 (UTC)
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I voted for her, twice :P She's awesome, I love her :)

I've actually done pretty well with the 2010 things. Though I wrote 20010 in my journal yesterday.
That reminds me, I need a calendar....

2010-01-08 21:45 (UTC)
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Thanks! She loves you too. =o)

Yeah, I haven't written/typed 2009 since it ended, but I've done 20010 a zillion times. LOL.

2010-01-08 22:39 (UTC)
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"Ten items of fewer"??? If we had a Publix around here, I'd totally go to support that! ;-) Whhhhhy does everyone else say "Ten items or less"???

2010-01-09 14:38 (UTC)
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Ooh. I like your icon!!

2010-01-12 16:08 (UTC)
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I know! The first time I saw it I did a double-take! Really, the less vs. fewer thing isn't one of my big grammatical pet peeves, but the fact that Publix is the only store I've ever seen that has gotten it right makes me love them more.

2010-01-09 14:30 (UTC)
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Steve and I had a discussion about this recently. He said that he once went to a store where a cashier had actually taped a piece of paper over the "less" and wrote "fewer" on it. He made sure to go to her line. lol.

Oh, I know - it seems that time is going by faster than ever. It's kind of scary!

Great news about your grandma! Here's to a swift recovery!

Wow, sounds like you got a great deal on your jacket, and it sounds super cute. And wearing an unwashed second-hand jacket isn't as bad as wearing an unwashed second-hand shirt. At least it (hopefully! lol) has never been worn next to someone else's skin.

Your card must be HUGE! My one and only card is only 256MB - it was free as part of the sale I bought my camera on. The one good thing about it is that it does force me to empty it regularly. ;)

2010-01-12 16:11 (UTC)
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That's hilarious! If I were that cashier, I would do that. I've corrected stores' dry erase boards and chalk boards before by erasing unnecessary apostrophes and such.

I've actually worn unwashed second-hand shirts. Several times. I never ever used to, but then I got a shirt I really wanted to wear and I didn't want to wait to wash it and then hang it dry (I hang dry pretty much all of my clothes, 'cause otherwise they don't fit me anymore), so I wore it anyway. I thought I'd feel gross, but I didn't. So I've done it a few times since. I know, I know, even my mom thinks that's gross. Isaac doesn't, though, and I guess he and I are the only people that matter in this! Hehe.

Yeah, it is. It's 16GB! I got it for the Europe trip, so I wouldn't have to bring multiple cards and worry about losing them. It was nice.

2010-01-12 20:21 (UTC)
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That's funny. Working at Perkins was interesting, in a grammatical way. When a certain someone was GM, all of the announcements and new instructions she put up around the back were all in caps and had frequent errors. The legendary sign I most remember, though, is the one where three of us stood there staring at it, and just walked away astounded. Everyone was talking about the sign with 17 exclamation points in succession for at least a couple days, though (yes, we counted them, lol).

I think most people wash their clothes before they bring them to a resale shop anyway, so as long as you're comfortable with it I'm not going to slam you for wearing your garments before you wash them. :)

Until SD was born, I would air dry all my tees, camis, and sweaters, too. Once he came along I felt like I didn't have time to pick through laundry anymore and stopped...but last week I decided to start doing it again because a couple of my tops have shrunk and I really hate when staple items suddenly stop fitting me.

Wow! I didn't know memory cards even went that high, lol. I'm not very knowledgable in that area, though, so that's no surprise.

2010-01-10 19:40 (UTC)
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Publix is so awesome! :-)

I hope that your grandmother's recuperation is smooth and swift! *hugs*

That coat you found at the thrift store sounds awesome! Yay! I've found some very cool coats at thrift shops over the years. :-)


2010-01-12 16:13 (UTC)
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Yeah it is! And to think, a year ago I never shopped there because their regular prices are usually so expensive. Couponing has rocked my world, and now I go to Publix more often than I go to Walmart! =o)

So far, so good! Yay!

None of the unique coats I find at thrift stores ever look good one me. It bums me out. I'd love to rock a vintage leather jacket, but they always look weird.

2010-01-10 20:15 (UTC)
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I've seen x-amount of items and fewer somewhere, but don't remember where.

That's great about your grandma! And yay for your new coat! I don't think it's gross--as long as it smells fine and doesn't have any noticeable dirt, you're good to go. It's a coat, not a bra.

2010-01-12 16:15 (UTC)
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Maybe one of the CT stores is just as smart as Publix is!

Hear, hear! =o)

2010-01-11 09:46 (UTC)
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I saw "fewer" in a grocery store in Ohio as well, but I don't remember which one. Using "less" instead of "fewer" doesn't bother me like other errors such as the "misused apostrophe" or "everyday" when it should be "every day." I try not to be too much a Grammar Nazi because I know I'm not 100% up on all of the rules and, as you know, we tend to use improper grammar when we speak more than when we write, such as, "Who are you going to the show with?" And most times the subject of ending a sentence with a preposition reminds me of the movie With Honors which, although it contains offensive language, one of my favorite scenes is when the snooty professor ridicules the homeless man for ending a sentence with a preposition and the homeless man retorts, "Oh, I'm sorry....If you can't end a sentence with a preposition, then what do you end a sentence with, IDIOT?" (Obviously, another name was used instead of "idiot," but you get the idea. LOL) Although I do try to be as grammatically-correct as possible, especially since I have a high-school English teacher on my friends list. (She lives in Florida, too; I forget where.)

Great news about your grandmother!
Edited 2010-01-11 09:47 (UTC)

2010-01-12 16:20 (UTC)
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Less vs. fewer isn't one of my big grammatical pet peeves, but I definitely appreciate that Publix gets it right, because they are the only store I've ever seen that does. I'm not a grammar nazi, I'm just mentally judgmental. LOL. I don't usually correct people, because usually it just annoys them, but I think the correction in my head. And, to be honest, if you are saying something important and you say it with bad grammar/spelling/punctuation, I take you much less seriously. That's why I nag Isaac about using correct writing skills in his political blog posts; he's saying some really good stuff, but if he pluralizes something by using an apostrophe, he's just made himself look dumb. People might think everything he says is dumb. And no, obviously I'm not 100% accurate, but I try to do my best, which is better than most people's. LOL. And I don't mind when people correct me. (I have a few LJ friends who can vouch for that. ;o) )

2010-01-11 16:42 (UTC)
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♥ Publix ♥

Yay for Nala and your grandma's good knees!!

2010-01-12 16:20 (UTC)
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Definitely! =o)


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