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+ I've decided there are two problems with making your own sushi: 1) it's so good you eat way too much of it and spend the rest of the night feeling bleh... but still contemplating another piece; and 2) it's so good you want to make it every day! I haven't stopped thinking about it since Tuesday night. I think we'll try to make some this coming week as well, if I can find a good price on some fresh fish or shellfish.

+ Poor Lijah had to get three shots today. He's still catching up on vaccinations, and today was his yearly check-up. He officially grew six inches in a year. Dang. And he's only gained three pounds! The doctor said as long as he eats well, she's not worried, and he definitely does eat well. But I still wonder if we should make him eat more fatty (but healthy) things. I don't know. He seems quite healthy to me though - very normal for a 3-year-old, just tall. In other words, he takes after me.  ;o)

+ I'm nervous about our immigration approval for the second adoption. It expires on the 19th and we still don't have our home study ready to send in to update it. Now, we should have it Monday - I hope - but I'm probably going to overnight it just for piece of mind. I hope they go by the postmark date and not by when they actually look at it. Once we have the home study though, we're almost to the point of submitting our dossier to Holt, which means we're almost on the waiting list for a kiddo! I'm going to say that won't happen till October though because there are still a few hoops to jump through with paperwork. And of course it all hinges on our immigration being renewed in time. Otherwise we don't get on the waiting list till we go through that whole process again, which usually takes 2-3 months.  =oÞ

+ I did not get enough sleep last night. I couldn't fall asleep till around 2am, and then woke up at 7 because Isaac forgot to turn off his alarm when he got up before it. I couldn't go back to sleep because I knew we had to get to the doctor's office relatively early. Oy. I took a good 2-hour nap this afternoon, but Lijah didn't sleep as long as I did so he woke me up. I probably could've slept straight through to morning.

+ I'm sure there's more to say, but I don't remember. So, have a good weekend, everyone!

2011-09-10 00:01 (UTC)
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I'd say Lijah's normal. He's shot up a lot, but they really do at that age (and I don't think they ever stop!).

Oh no! And things have been going so well for you! I'll be praying that it gets there in time.

2011-09-10 00:09 (UTC)
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He is very tall for his age, and skinny, but my brother Nathan and I were always that way too. I'm not really sure how to fatten Lijah up so unless he starts to get sick a lot or something, I'm not really going to worry about it. He eats plenty and generally healthily. *shrug*

I know. It would be awful to have to go through the entire immigration ordeal again. It would add so much more time to the wait! Plus, it would be another $600 or so. =oÞ

2011-09-10 00:20 (UTC)
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That's how I was too. :)

Ooh, that hurts!

2011-09-10 19:42 (UTC)
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So excited to see the next building block of your family!!!! ♥

2011-09-11 04:54 (UTC)
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Mmmm, homemade sushi! Sounds wonderful!

I hope all of the adoption stuff works out the first time 'round!

2011-09-11 22:31 (UTC)
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I'll be praying for your second adoption! *hugs*

Hope that you are doing well. I miss you! I thought of you a lot this weekend.

2011-09-12 16:25 (UTC)
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YUM SUSHI. I had some great sushi last night and now I want more.

Yeah, I'm sure Lijah is fine. I was also a really skinny kid and I turned out okay. :)

2011-09-13 17:27 (UTC)
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How exciting that you are so close to being on the waiting list to adopt again! :) Does Elijah know that you & Isaac want to bring home another child? Or is he too young to understand all that?


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