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Yeah, yeah, the decade doesn't start till next year, blah blah blah, whatever. I'm writing this now because 2000 was a big year for me and 2000-2009 looks better to me than 2001-2010. Plus, a period of 10 years is a decade no matter when it is. So there. I wanted to do one so I wrote one. Feel free to take it!

1. Where were you when the year changed to 2000?
I lived in Illinois, but my mom, brothers Nathan and Seth, and I were in Florida on vacation. That night we arrived at Word of Life Florida for the first time ever. I wanted to spend New Year's with my feet in the ocean (since I love the beach and there are obviously no oceans anywhere near IL), so we found the nearest "beach" (we found out later the locals call it "Hudson Hole" because it's not much of a beach) and I had my feet in the water as the year changed.

2. Where were you when the year changed to 2010?
I was at my brother and SIL's house with friends. We played games and set off fireworks. I was exhausted because of previous days' events, but it was great. And of course Isaac and I kissed at midnight.  =o)  I had wanted to have my feet in the ocean for the start of this decade too, but it was too cold and I was too tired.

3. List the things that happened to/for you in each year of the decade. (You can name just big things, or anything that stands out to you.)

(I'm doing mine in chronological order in each year.)
2000 -
Graduated high school; started college (as the youngest in my classes); got my first non paper-route, non-babysitting job as a server at Steak 'n' Shake; had a guy I liked like me back for the first time since I was 5 years old; fulfilled a lifelong dream and went to Australia and Papua New Guinea on a mission trip; finally moved out of "stinkin' Lincoln", Illinois; started my first year at Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida; while there met a cute, short, funny guy named Isaac who became a good friend. 

2001 -
Became best friends with that guy, Isaac; had my life changed taking part in WOLBI's Passion Play (so did Isaac); turned 18 years old; spent the summer as a counselor on WOL Island; realized I wanted more than friendship with Isaac; graduated from WOLBI first year; went to WOLBI second year in New York; 9/11 shook the world - we didn't get to see any footage till that evening because the TVs/internet weren't hooked up yet; Isaac and I started dating; spent a week in NYC with an open air evangelism team; Isaac flew (his first flight ever!) out to visit and meet my family on Christmas break, and we held hands for the first time.

2002 -
Family moved to Jacksonville, FL (finally someplace WARM!); went back to NYC on OAE; went back to Australia & PNG as a trip counselor; graduated WOLBI second year; came to live in FL for the first time; had a rough few months adjusting to living with my family again, not having my friends or boyfriend within walking distance, going to secular college again, and my favorite aunt died unexpectedly; found an amazing church called Westside Christian Family Chapel; went to Connecticut just after Christmas to see Isaac; nephew Bernie was born; Isaac proposed, I said yes, and he gave me my first kiss.  =o)

2003 - Went on my first cruise, to the Bahamas, with Mom, Nathan & Seth; kept working on my graphic design degree, and was given a talent grant (woo-hoo!); continued working at Steak 'n' Shake (my fourth one at this point); went through a million phone card minutes since Isaac and I were 1,000+ miles apart most of the time; Aaron & Angela got married; nephew AJ was born; went to Michigan for our only wedding shower (and didn't know half the people there, LOL); got married to my best friend on a beautiful sunny, warm day at the end of December; ended the year on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, on our honeymoon.

2004 -
Lived/worked at Word of Life; had the world's tiniest apartment (seriously - it was 12x22, all one room + a small bathroom and closet); worked in the same office as Isaac; started mystery shopping; finished my Associate's degree; got my first digital camera; spent the summer working together in the bookstore at the WOL Family Campground in NY; my mom got in a very bad accident on my parents' 30th wedding anniversary and spent 3 days in ICU, and several months in a wheelchair and neck brace; started a LiveJournal; stopped shampooing my hair; worked 70+ hour weeks during the Easter & Christmas productions.

2005 -
Finished up working Passion Play and moved up to Jacksonville; both got hired at our current jobs on the same day just a few days after we moved here; lived with my family for a few months and then bought our house the first day it was on the market; went to IL for a friend's wedding and Isaac finally got to experience Lincoln, which was such a big part of my life as a kid/teen.

2006 -
Went on another cruise to the Bahamas, this time with my whole family; niece Chloe was born; nephew James was born; got free plane tickets thanks to Wendy's/AirTran and visited my grandma in MI, including a trip to Mackinac Island where we got to eat at the Grand Hotel; started a WOL Olympians kids' program at church; went to CT in the fall for the first time (gorgeous!); and went to Savannah for the first time with Mom & Grama.

2007 -
Andrew lived with us for 6 months; got a $2,000 Visa gift card from an internet "scam" which I used to buy a trampoline and a bed, among other things; saw The Lion King off-broadway show; flew to visit an online friend (Charity) for the first time; said trip was my first time in Colorado, where we went to the Garden of the Gods and up Pike's Peak, where I got altitude sickness and puked all over the outside of Charity's parents' car; had to replace our entire A/C system; hosted 8-12 people for Sarah & Andrew's wedding; went to El Salvador (and to an orphanage) for the first time; saw Hanson in concert for the first time.

2008 -
Did Project 365 for the first time; had 3 of my closest LJ friends come visit me at the same time; went to Washington and Oregon for the first time, to visit Sarah; turned 25; went on a whirlwind 2-hour tour of Washington, D.C. so Isaac could see some of the sites in person; met some of Isaac's dad's family for the first time; Nathan & Nicole got married; took over as church treasurer; spearheaded the church's garage sale fundraiser; returned to El Salvador; got my first DSLR camera; got a modeling contract; had to get our roof replaced; went to Charleston for the first time w/ Mom & Grams; celebrated our 5-year anniversary. 

2009 -
Did Project 365 for the second time; had several paid modeling gigs, including a 4-page spread in a magazine; finally realized my daydream of an "official" LJ girls' weekend, in TN; took a 23-day backpacking trip through 4 countries in Europe with Isaac - the trip of a lifetime; started the adoption process; returned to El Salvador, this time without Isaac but with Seth; niece Tricia was born; went horseback riding on the beach with Mom on Jekyll Island, GA; lost Mandy; drove to Atlanta by myself to spend Halloween with 3 LJ friends, and saw Chattanooga at the peak of autumn (gorgeous!); spent my first Thanksgiving (and Pie Day!) with Isaac's family; finished our home study; 

4. What has been the biggest change for you in this past decade?
Ha! Everything, seeing as I was 16 when it started. I've since been to college, had several jobs, got married, bought a house, started the process of having a child, etc. I would say those are all pretty big changes!

5. What do you hope will happen to/for you between now and 2020?
I hope that by 2020 we have 4+ kids, that some Constitution-following politicians have been running the country for years, and that the Lions will win the Superbowl. (OK, that last one might be a bit too much to ask. How 'bout just a winning season?)  ;o)

2010-01-06 20:47 (UTC)
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Like this! I think I'll do it. I actually was never quite clear on the timing of your WOLBI studies vs graphic design degree. Oh, so you did WOLBI in the middle. It's all so clear now. :-P Interesting... it was an eventful decade, wasn't it...

2010-01-06 20:51 (UTC)
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LOL! No, actually, the graphic design degree was entirely after WOLBI. Post-high school and pre-WOLBI I did one semester of college, where I got 3 gen. ed. courses out of the way, plus a fun elective (Intro to Theatre). Then I did two years at WOLBI. It wasn't till about half way through my second year at WOLBI that I decided I wanted to major in graphic design when I went to "real" college. I didn't know anything about g.d. till I talked with a friend who was WOL's graphic designer (still is, I think) and it just sounded PERFECT for me. Turns out it was, but I really haven't used it much.

Yes, it was a very eventful decade!

Please do it! I'd love to read others'.

2010-01-07 01:31 (UTC)
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Is WOLBI an associate's degree? Bachelor's? None? I'm confused.

2010-01-07 15:27 (UTC)
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WOLBI doesn't grant degrees, but they are accredited. If you go to any other Christian college afterward, you will have all your Bible classes (and then some) out of the way. (My brother Seth had some gen. ed. classes done from dual enrollment, and then a year at WOLBI, and he transferred into a Christian college's Bachelor's program as a second semester Junior!) Even some secular colleges accept their credits, if you actually have to take a class at secular college that was similar to one at WOLBI.

Basically, there's no reason to get a degree from WOLBI because it's straight Bible and theology studies. You go there not to get a degree, but to learn, if that makes any sense. You learn SO MUCH in that one year (or two, if you choose) about the Bible, ministry (you get to try several kinds), etc. - there's no describing it, really. It's amazing. I am SO grateful that I went there before having any pluralistic anti-Christian professors, like I did afterward, because I knew EXACTLY what to do/say in that situation because I had such a grounding in my faith. (I would've known before, I suppose, because I was a pastor's kid, but WOL gave me such confidence.)

Anyway. Basically WOLBI rocks and even though they don't grant degrees, everyone should go there. Hehe.

2010-01-07 10:27 (UTC)
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Wow, I didn't know your mom's accident happened on her wedding anniversary day!

2010-01-07 15:28 (UTC)
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Yep. Makes it even worse! She was going to fly home that day and she and dad were going to celebrate.

2010-01-07 15:30 (UTC)
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It was good to get a sense of the timeline of all these events! :)


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