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+ I love Publix not just for the deals they give me, but for their commitment to correct grammar and punctuation. They are the only grocery store I've ever seen that has a "Ten items or fewer" lane instead of "Ten items or less". I also love them for their restaurant, Crispers, who has a salad with fruit in it year-round (hear that, Panera?) and the best chowdah (slightly spicy crab & corn) I've ever had. *hugs Publix*

+ Anybody else in denial that we're already more than a week into 2010? Seriously. I feel like it should maybe be September 2009 right now.

+ We went to see my grandma at the hospital today. She officially has two good knees now! Woo-hoo! I can't WAIT for her to be totally recuperated, because she will be SO happy. She had horrible knees for a very long time. I expect to see her literally leaping for joy in a month or two.  ;o)  Tomorrow she moves to a rehab center. Pray for a quick recovery. I'm sure this one will be better because she already has a strong knee now.

+ Ange and I were planning to meet at the hospital way on the eastside and I was waiting for her to call me, so I killed time at The Thrift Store. There was one thing I really needed - a brown jacket, preferably long - and I found one! Its really nice, dark brown, double-breasted, slightly longer than mid-thigh, it has pockets, and it was only $6! Yay!  I'm wearing it already, without washing it, which probably grosses some people out, but when I said I needed it, I meant it. Hehe.

+ Yesterday got better when Isaac got home. He has that effect on me. =o) Plus, then we went across town for the mystery shop, which was great, as expected. When we returned home, I deleted at least 10GB of pictures off my camera's memory card. Normally I don't let it pile up like that, but I had barely deleted anything since the El Salvador trip in July. *sheepish grin*

+ Nala hasn't thrown up since before I wrote that entry yesterday, so I think she's feeling better. *cheers* We've had her for 3 months now, can you believe that? She's such a sweetie. I entered her in a contest, too. Go vote for her!
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+ It's been one week since I said goodbye to my puppy. In some ways it feels like I can't believe it's already been a week without her, but mostly the sadness feels like it's been inside me for a long time. I haven't cried much lately; just a few things set me off. (Like, the last Project 365 pic I uploaded to Facebook was of her, three days before she died, and when I saw that I lost it. Could it have been that recently that she was with me, giving me that cute but annoyed, why-are-you-taking-my-picture-again look?) I miss her.

+ I had a photo shoot today! It was just a TFP shoot, but it was great. The photographer is fantastic; I swear there's not one picture on his website that, even if it's not my cup of tea, isn't excellent. The makeup artist made my eyes striking, melding lilac and black. First we did some more normal headshot pics, with normal hair and no adornment of any sort, and then we went nuts with the photographer's "vision". I had a feathery black collar/choker thing with clear beads that hung down and they used seemingly an entire can of hairspray on my hair as I stood with my hair upside down, so it was crazy. This hair was even weirder than the hair I had for the magazine shoot, I think. But from the side it looked awesome. Even from the front I think it worked. And they added this little black viney flower thing that went from my hair to my forehead that was just awesome. He showed me some of the pics and they're gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished ones! This shoot was very good for my self esteem. I came in and he and the makeup artist looked at me and said, "Wow. You have an amazing face." And then they examined me closer and declared me "perfect" and decided my face "has no flaws". (Maybe they like scars?) All through the shoot he kept saying, "Gorgeous. Just gorgeous." I've never had a response like that before, LOL! I would say maybe he just knows praise is a good motivator, but I really think he meant it. Which is good - very good, in fact - because he has tons of contacts here, and in Atlanta and Miami. So here's hoping someone at a big city agency sees these pics and wants to hire me. Here is the sign of a good photographer though: he used one camera, the natural light from the window, and the wall of his apartment as the backdrop, and seriously, you would think we were in an expensive studio with professional lights everywhere. He did use a background light eventually, to highlight my hair, but still. Clearly he knows how to get fantastic results in any environment. Anyway - as soon as I get the pics, I'll show them to you. I'm sure I will make at least one of them into an LJ icon. Oh - and Isaac went with me because the photographer was a Scary Internet Man, and so he spent 3 hours this morning enjoying our beautiful 75º weather on a second story balcony overlooking the St. John's River, reading a school book and occasionally petting a sweet gray cat who was chillin' out there too.

+ Grandma will be here Saturday night! I'm so excited! Although I can't believe it's been 5-6 months since she left. Holy cow. Mom asked if I wanted to go up to MI with her (she flew up and then she will drive Grams down), and I almost said yes, but I decided I didn't really want to fly up just to spend the next two days driving. Plus, now I get to have the action movie night for Isaac's birthday and go to the Beatles Rock Band party at AAAC's house Saturday night. Oh - and the whole photo shoot today thing!

+ I think I set a personal couponing record last night. A bunch of coupons expired since it was the end of the month, and I wanted to get some free/cheap stuff. I figured since I was going two places, I might as well go to another. I went to CVS, Target, KMart, and then later I went to Winn-Dixie and Publix! AND I went to Walmart first, but for a prescription, not couponing. I haven't added up the W-D and P details yet, but for the CVS, T & KM trip I got $111 worth of stuff for $20. It was fantastic. Never before have I gone to 6 stores in one night though! It was tiring, but exhilarating. Saving money like that is always exhilarating. And now we have 10 bottles of juice in the cupboards. That should last Isaac, oh, about two weeks.  ;o)
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This is the handout I made for Ange's & my couponing class the other night. I've tweaked it so it's not Florida-specific, and added our process since that was just spoken the other night. If you're wondering why you should bother trying this - well, I've saved us hundreds of dollars this year by doing what I've written here. I was keeping track of my CVS savings until June and I saved us $400 on things we would've bought anyway. And that's just CVS and just what we would've purchased! I got another $400 worth of stuff to sell or donate! I should've kept track of how much I've saved at Publix and other stores too. But do you see now why all this interests me so much?

If you have any questions, ask!

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